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Rosa Juliusdottir (rojul)
Sun, 25 May 1997 14:54:45 GMT

Hi Denise. Among the projects I have done on Henri Matisse is a collage
based on some of his wonderful collage works that the artist did when he
was an old man and wheelchair bound. After introducing the children to
Matisse and his paper cut works, pointing out that he developed this
technique after he was to weak and sick to paint. I had them make a big
cooperative work where two and two students worked together cutting
different shapes out of coloured paper and pasting them onto a white sheet
of paper, size 60 cm.x 45 cm. We then put four of these together with a
shape of halfmoon on top and the students added cut papershapes where they
felt they needed them to make the composition complete. When all the works
were finished we put them up in the entrance of the art school and they
really looked great and showed that the students had learned about and to
appreciate Henri Matisse. The artworks of Matisse I showed them in the
introduction were: Christmas night, 1952, The parrot and the Mermaid, 1952,
Blossoming Ivy,1953 and some works from the book Jass. The students were
ages 9 to 11.
I also do painting project with younger students where I use portraits
painted by Matisse and some other Fauve artists. I tell the students about
how when these colourful works were shown at the autumn exhibition in Paris
1905 the artists were named the Fauves or wild animals. The students(ages
six,seven and eight) love the paintings and the story and paint wonderfully
colourful selfportraits after the introduction. The works I use are:
Matisse´s wife,1905, Portrait of Matisse by André Derain, 1905, Portrait of
Derain by Vlaminck, 1905 and Portrait of Vlaminck by Derain, 1905. Henri
Matisse can be an inspiration for many wonderful projects. You can relate
him to the Expressionists and he was a Fauves painter and a master of
expressing himself in bright colours. The Fauves used Van Goghs words; " I
use colour completely as I myself choose, to espress myself strongly", as
their leading light. And these words are an interesting take off point for
a discussion on colour and expression with children. Well I think I have
said enough and hope this is of some use. Regards from the north were the
nights can be bright orange and red these days! Rosa

>I'm a student...working on a Project on Henri Matisse...
>My assignment was to pick a famous French person...research and present
>what i found...we have to include a class the presentation....
>I don't know exactly what to do as an activity...obviously it has to be
>related to Henri Matisse...and his artwork...i would appreciate any
>suggestions on this...and I present on May the 30th so any time soon would
>be great...
>thanks in advance