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Re: Art Teaching

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Chaney (lchaney)
Fri, 23 May 1997 20:39:33 -0500

Michele Gorse wrote:
> Hello Getty list members,
> Thank you for your replies on art education as a possible future art
> teacher. And as life coudn't get more complicated, it has.
> Three of my children attend a catholic school grades k-8 and they have no
> art anymore. Other parents have approached me and asked me to talk to the
> principal about this. They know that I have some art background and like
> to do art w/ kids. I agreed to do so, but I wanted to find out more about
> teaching and that is how I found DBAE on the web. Some of the parents
> are very determined to bring art back that they have already approached
> the principal and more or less volunteered me before I had a chance to
> prepare my sales pitch! It seems that the principal does not have the
> highest standards for art teachers...too bad. But that she may just give
> me a green light to go for it....there are 350 children in the school, I
> am a little concerned how it would be possible to prepare for all of them.
> Just what what is really feasible as one person?
> Is it realistic to imagine designing a curriclum for that many kids?
> Although I have had many art classes, I have not had education classes,
> (yet).
> I would like to persue my MFA or master in ed at the same time, so perhaps
> I could just do it part time. There also is a high level of parent
> involvement so I would have lots of volunteers to call on.
> Thank you in advance for your replies,
> michele gorse
> mgorse
> columbia station, oh

Oh How wonderful you are! I myself went to a private school for 8
grades of my life. My art teacher was a nun. I never had a true art
professional as a teacher until high school. My high school teacher was
great. I majored in art ed in college and also have my masters.

I currently teach art to grades K-12 with a total of 567 students. Yes
one person can do it!!!! (In one building with one art room). I suggest
calling other area schools and getting copies of their art curriculum.
Ideas for projects can come from "Arts and Activities" magazine and
"Scholastic". Both are wonderful!!!

Support anyone who will help you!!!!! You will need it. An art club
with a good fundraiser would be a good source of income for those extra
fun projects!!!

I'm here to swap art project ideas with you at any time!!!

Good Luck