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Re: Problems for DBAE (was RE: Feldman's Art Criticism)

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Rosa Juliusdottir (rojul)
Mon, 19 May 1997 22:34:39 GMT

Thanks to you Bob Fromme on your wonderful account and your thoughts on
DBAE. You touched so many problems and questions that need to be answered
by many but to me you also explained very much what DBAE can be. It can be
a wonderful new way of teaching art to children and to make art education
something more valuable and wholistic than it has been. I understand when
you talk about community support, time, financial and cultural traditions,
but I think that if you just begin you will be able to get the rest. I know
this sounds very optimistic and yes I do teach in an artschool that has a
special department for children and they come to us outside their
schooltime. But I have now for several years used DBAE and it so obviously
shows in the results in my students works(they range in age from four to
twelve). I have not found it costing more, we always had the allowance for
the visuals we needed and we have a wonderful library and other
resources(as we are also a regular school of Visual Arts). But I do believe
that the most important part is the teacher. If the teacher starts
including art history, criticism and aesthetics, ( and it does not
necessarily call for writing, talking will do) lots of things will start to
change. We just had our three days of Spring Show and there was lots of
informations about DBAE and how I use it in my teaching and the best
examples were of course the childrenīs works, but anyhow the community
certainly seems supportive. I realize however that this is different than
in a public school, but I know of many such that are also having success
here in Iceland. So in the end I just want to say that if any of you have
the opportunity to start introducing and including DBAE in your teaching
do so it really makes a difference. I love how my students now have a much
broader view of different ethnic groups and cultures around the world and
the art these people have and are creating. They have also come to
understand and appreciate their own art and culture much more. Again I
realize I have a certain priviledge teaching in a school like I do, I but I
do believe anyone can do it. So give it a try. Regards from the far north
where the midnight sun is approaching fast. It actually never gets dark
these days! Rosa