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"path blazed"

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Sun, 18 May 1997 21:17:29 -0400 (EDT)

Mark Alexander asks: "Do you hang artwork that went somewhere interesting,
yet didn't follow the path the teacher blazed?" The age-old dilemma: it's
YOUR lesson plan, but it's HIS artwork! Good work is good work, even if the
student didn't buy into your lesson plan. It's fine that you included it in
your exhibition because you knew it was quality work. Hopefully, you had a
discussion with the student (in addition to the parent) about your reasons
for including that particular work. It can be disappointing (to us) when
capable students choose not to utilize certain concepts we have taught, but
it doesn't always mean they didn't grasp them. He may have wanted to try
something else - inspired by something other than your lesson and following a
different path. This is how true artists operate, after all. Maybe this
student needs an independent study with flexibility and choices... some might
call this rewarding bad behavior, but you might find that this actually gives
him new incentive to do some really creative work. And you may also see some
of your lesson plan material appearing in his work. Good luck!

Diane Jaquith
Burr School
Newton, MA

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