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Ken Bidner (masterp)
Fri, 16 May 1997 00:54:02 -0700

Dear Art Educator,

Northern Galleries is now offering high quality reproductions of the

renowned masterworks of art history at specially reduced prices. The

are full color renditions of the celebrated originals in a standard 22" x

format, on heavy, 70 lb. glossy art stock. These stunning visual aids

bring your art program to life and/or serve as the perfect decoration for

classroom, hallway, office or home for only $8.00 each (minimum of 3),

you may order 15 or more prints for just $7.50 each. The following
images are


<underline>Cat. # Artist </underline> <underline>Title

</underline>A-1 ARP Configuration

A-2 AVERCAMP Winter Scene

B-1 BEARDEN She-ba

B-2 BELLOWS Dempsey & Firpo

B-3 BIERSTADT Buffalo Trail

B-4 BIERSTADT In the Mountains

B-5 BOTTICELLI Birth of Venus

B-6 BOSCH Garden of Earthly Delights

B-7 BROUER The Smokers

B-8 BREUGHEL Haymaking

B-9 BREUGHEL Wedding Dance

B-10 BREUGHEL Harvesters

B-11 BREUGHEL Winter Scene

B-12 BREUGHEL Harvester's Meal

B-13 BINGHAM Fur Traders on Missouri River

B-14 BRAQUE Le Jour

C-1 CALDER The Stars

C-2 CANALETTO Square of St. Mark

C-3 CEZANNE The Brook

C-4 CEZANNE Apples and Oranges

C-5 CEZANNE The Card Players

C-6 CEZANNE Flowers and Pears

C-7 CHAGALL I and My Village

C-8 CHAGALL The Acrobat

C-9 CHAGALL Feathers in Bloom

C-10 CHAGALL Artist and Model

C-11 CHAGALL The War

C-12 COHRAN Stormy Waters

C-13 COLE Notch in White Mountains

C-14 CONSTABLE The Hay Wain

C-15 COROT La Bacchanale

C-16 COROT Ville d'Avray

C-17 COURBET Cliff at Etretat

C-18 CURRIER/IVES Clipper ship Comet

C-19 CORNOYER Plaza in the Rain

C-20 CORNOYER Rainy Day in the City

C-21 CASATT Susan with the Baby

C-22 CEZANNE Landscape

C-23 CEZANNE The Blue Vase

C-24 CHAGALL Chambon-sur-Lac

C-25 CURRIER/IVES American Express Train

C-26 CURRIER/IVES Champions of the Mississippi

D-1 DALI Broken Bridge and Dream

D-2 DALI The Last Supper

D-3 DALI The Crucifixtion

D-4 DALI Apparition of Lenin

D-5 DALI Persistence of Memory

D-6 DALI Maelstrom

D-7 DALI Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach

D-8 DALI Birth of Liquid Desires

D-9 DALI Geopoliticus Child

D-10 DALI Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory

D-11 DALI Metamorphosis of Narcissuss

D-12 DALI Burning Giraffes and Telephones

D-13 DALI Musical Tempest

D-14 DALI Lincoln in Dalivision

D-15 DALI Christ\St. John on the Cross

D-16 DALI Discovery of America

D-17 DALI Ecumenical Council

D-18 DALI Hallucinogenic Torreador

D-19 DALI Invention of the Monsters

D-20 DEGAS Absinthe Drinker

D-21 DEGAS Frieze of Dancers

D-22 DEGAS Two Dancers on Stage

D-23 DEGAS Dancing Class

D-24 DEGAS After the Bath

D-25 DEGAS Ballet School

D-26 DE LATOUR St. Joseph the Carpenter

D-27 DELECROIX Frightened Horse

D-28 DELVAUX Trains du Soir

D-29 DISNEY Mickey Mouse

D-30 DISNEY Donald Duck

D-31 DORE Don Quixote\Library

D-32 DORE Don Quixote\Windmill

D-33 DUCHAMP Nude Descending a Staircase

D-34 DUFY Mediterranean Scene

D-35 DUFY Regatta

D-36 DURER Self\Portrait

D-37 DURER Young Hare

D-38 DURER Praying Hands

D-39 DURER Death, the Knight and the Devil

D-40 DALI Transparent Simulacrum

D-41 DALI Aliyah Suite

D-42 DUFY Bay of Angels

E-1 EAKINS Turning the Stake

E-2 EL GRECO View of Toledo

E-3 EVERGOOD Sunny Street

E-4 ERNST Flying Geese

F-1 FEININGER Arch Tower I

F-2 FEININGER Niedergrunsted


F-4 FOUJITA Quai aux Fleurs

F-5 FRAGONARD Girl Reading

F-6 FRANKENTHALER Blue Atmosphere


G-2 GASSER Surf, Sand and Rocks

G-3 GASSER Home Port

G-4 GASSER Peaceful Harbor

G-5 GAUGUIN Poor Fisherman

G-6 GAUGUIN Hail Mary

G-7 GAUGUIN When do you Marry?

G-8 GAUGUIN Woman w\Mango

G-9 GAUGUIN Daydreaming

G-10 GAUGUIN By the Sea

G-11 GOREY Gashlycrumb Tinies

G-12 GOTTLIEB The Brink

G-13 GRIS Open Window

G-14 GRUNEWALD Small Crucifixtion

G-15 GUTHRIE To Pastures New

G-16 GOYA The Execution


H-2 HASSAM Allies Day

H-3 HEADE Orchid and Hummingbird

H-4 HICKS Peaceable Kingdom

H-5 HOFMANN Song of the Nightingale

H-6 HOMER Snap the Whip

H-7 HOMER Fog Warning

H-8 HOMER Boys in a Pasture

H-9 HOMER Breezing Up

H-10 HOMER Sunset at Saco Bay

H-11 HOPPER The Nighthawks

H-12 HOPPER Seven a.m.

H-13 HOPPER Approaching a City

H-14 HUNT Lady of Shalott

H-15 HYLAND Harper's Magazine

H-16 HOMER Boys w\Kitten

I-1 INO The Traveller

J-1 JOHNS Three Flags

J-2 JOHNSON Riders of the Dawn

K-1 KANDINSKY Improvisation 35


K-3 KANDINSKY Lyric\Man on a Horse

K-4 KANDINSKY Lines of Marks

K-5 KLEE Head of a Man

K-6 KLEE Belle Jardiniere

K-7 KLEE Sinbad the Sailor

K-8 KLEE Face of a Face

K-9 KLIMPT The Kiss

K-10 KOKOSCHKA Montana Landscape

K-11 KYOSAI Tiger

K-12 KLIMPT The Orchard

K-13 KANDINSKY Composition:Storm

K-14 KIRCHNER Forest w\Brook

K-15 KISLING Woman in a Shawl


L-2 LEE-SMITH Boy w\Tire

L-3 LEONARDO Mona Lisa

L-4 LORRAIN Voyage of Jacob


L-6 LINDNER The Cyclist


M-1 MAGRITTE The Return

M-2 MAGRITTE Surprise Answer

M-3 MAGRITTE Voice of Space

M-4 MAGRITTE Empire of Light

M-5 MANET Bar at Folies Bergere

M-6 MARC Deer in the Forest

M-7 MARC Two Cats

M-8 MATISSE Egyptian Curtain


M-10 MATISSE Purple Robe

M-11 MATISSE Interior w\Eggplants

M-12 MATISSE Blue Nude

M-13 MATISSE Sideboard

M-14 MATISSE Romanian Blouse

M-15 MATISSE Quai, St. Michel

M-16 MATISSE Black Sketch

M-17 MILLET Gleaners

M-18 MILLET The Angelus

M-19 MIRO People, Dog and Sun

M-20 MIRO Portrait 1938

M-21 MIRO Portrait #1

M-22 MIRO Woman, Bird, Star

M-23 MIRO The Red Sun

M-24 MODIGLIANI Seated Nude

M-25 MONET Seine at Giverney

M-26 MONET Impression Sunrise

M-27 MONET Poplars

M-28 MONET Houses of Parliament

M-29 MONET Seacoast at Trouville

M-30 MONET Beach at Trouville

M-31 MONET Boats on the Beach

M-32 MONET Tulips at Sassenheim

M-33 MONET Boats at Argentuil

M-34 MONET Cape Martin

M-35 MONET Waterlillies I

M-36 MONET Waterlillies II

M-37 MONET Le Parc Monceau

M-38 MONET Venice Pallazza

M-39 MONET Field of Poppies

M-40 MONET Bridge at Argentuil

M-41 MONET Japanese Foot Bridge

M-42 MOORE Barefoot Prodigy

M-43 MUCHA Job

M-44 MUCHA Bieres de la Meuse

M-45 MUNCH The Scream (B&W version)

M-46 MUNCH Girl on a Bridge

M-47 MATISSE Goldfish


M-49 MONET Haystacks

M-50 MATISSE Still Life w\Apples

M-51 MATISSE Beasts of the Sea

M-52 MONET Dahlias

M-53 MOSSA David & Bathsheba

M-54 MOTLEY Blues (1929)

M-55 MUNCH Madonna

M-56 MURILLO Girl and Duena

M-57 MAP Earth and Water Map (1492)

O-1 O'KEEFE Ranchos Church

O-2 O'KEEFE Grey Line

O-3 O'KEEFE Light Iris

O-4 O'KEEFE Music\Pink and Blue

O-5 O'KEEFE From the Lake

P-1 PICASSO Mains aux Fleurs

P-2 PICASSO Enamel Saucepan

P-3 PICASSO Don Quixote

P-4 PICASSO Antique Bust

P-5 PICASSO Dance of Youth

P-6 PICASSO Mother and Child

P-7 PICASSO The Aficionado

P-8 PICASSO The Lovers

P-9 PICASSO Guernica

P-10 PICASSO The Couple

P-11 PICASSO Matador

P-12 PICASSO Banderilleros

P-13 PICASSO Picador


P-15 PICASSO Dove of Peace

P-16 PICASSO Flute Player

P-17 PICASSO La Femme

P-18 PICASSO Three Musicians

P-19 PICASSO Old Guitarist

P-20 PICASSO Blue Nude

P-21 PICASSO Dove of Peace (Color)

P-22 PICASSO Paloma (Face\Dove)

P-23 POLLOCK Mural

P-24 POLLOCK Composition

P-25 POLLOCK Painting

P-26 PICASSO Lemon & Oranges

P-27 PISSARRO The Village Market

P-28 POTTHAST In the Far West, Montana

R-1 RAPHAEL Cowper Madonna

R-2 RAUSCHENBERG Retroactive I


R-4 REDON Green Vase

R-5 REMBRANDT Man w\Golden Helmet

R-6 REMBRANDT Nightwatch

R-7 REMBRANDT Philosopher Reading

R-8 REMBRANDT Aristotle Contemplating Homer

R-9 REMINGTON Dismounted

R-10 REMINGTON The Scout

R-11 RENOIR Two Girls at the Piano

R-12 RENOIR The Swing

R-13 RENOIR In the Meadow

R-14 RENOIR Girl with Corn

R-15 RENOIR Moulin de la Gallette

R-16 RENOIR Children at the Seashore

R-17 RENOIR L'Estaque

R-18 RENOIR Apple Seller

R-19 RENOIR Monet Painting in his Garden

R-20 RENOIR Girl w\Watering Can

R-21 RENOIR Luncheon of the Boating Party

R-22 ROTHKO Orange and Yellow

R-23 ROUSSEAU Virgin Forest

R-24 ROUSSEAU Snake Charmer

R-25 ROUSSEAU Surprise! Storm in the Forest

R-26 ROUSSEAU Tiger Attacking Buffalo

R-27 ROUSSEAU Sleeping Gypsy

R-28 ROUSSEAU The Dream

R-29 RENOIR Two Sisters on the Terrace

R-30 ROCKWELL The Dugout

R-31 RIVERA Mother's Helper

S-1 SARGENT The Black Brook

S-2 SEURAT Honfleur Harbor

S-3 SEURAT Banks of the Seine

S-4 SEURAT Study for La Grande Jatte

S-5 SEURAT Bathing at Asnieres

S-6 SHAHN Poster\Jan-Feb

S-7 SHAHN Brown Poster

S-8 SHAHN Still Music

S-9 SHO-SON Birds in Bamboo

S-10 SHO-SAN On the Wing

S-11 SHO-SON White Birds in Snow

S-12 STEINLEN Girl w\Three Cats

S-13 STEINLEN Chocolates and Tea

S-14 STEINLEN Motorcycles Comitot

S-15 STELLA Brooklyn Bridge

S-16 STEVENSON After School

S-17 SULLY Torn Hat

S-18 SOYER Sixth Avenue

S-19 STUART George Washington

T-1 TANNER Banjo Lesson

T-2 T.LAUTREC Troupe Eglantine

T-3 T.LAUTREC Moulin Rouge

T-4 T.LAUTREC Jane Avril (Yellow)

T-5 T.LAUTREC Galerie 65

T-6 T.LAUTREC Jane Avril 1893

T-7 TOYO Deer, Stork, Plum

T-8 TOYOHARU Interior and Landscape

T-9 TOYOHIKO Deer, Pine, Bat

T-10 TOYOHIRO Four Accomplishments I

T-11 TOYOHIRO Four Accomplishments II

T-12 TURNER Rockets and Blue Lights

U-1 UKIYO-E Parrott

U-2 UTRILLO St. Romain Quarter

U-3 UTRILLO Street in Montmarte

V-1 VAN GOGH Houses at Auvers

V-2 VAN GOGH Self-Portrait

V-3 VAN GOGH Starry Night


V-5 VAN GOGH Bridge at Arles

V-6 VAN GOGH Bedroom at Arles

V-7 VAN GOGH Les Aliscamps

V-8 VAN GOGH Garden of Irises

V-9 VAN GOGH Restaurant

V-10 VAN GOGH Botas at St. Marie

V-11 VAN GOGH Farmhouses

V-12 VAN GOGH Sunflowers I (Orange)

V-13 VAN GOGH Sunflowers II (Yellow)

V-14 VAN GOGH Cypress Trees

V-15 VAN GOGH Cafe at Night

V-16 VAN GOGH Starlight on the Rhone

V-17 VAN GOGH Crows over a Wheatfield

V-18 VASARELY Tridem K


V-20 VASARELY Vega-Kontosh


V-22 VERMEER Milkmaid

V-23 VERMEER Little Street

V-24 VERMEER Head of a Girl

V-25 VINES Crucifixtion in Space

V-26 VAN GOGH The Orchard

W-1 WARHOL Marilyn

W-2 WHISTLER Artist's Mother

W-3 WILKE Study of a Negro

W-4 WOOD American Gothic

W-5 WYETH Shed Lantern

W-6 WYETH Study for April Wind

W-7 WYETH Christina's World

W-8 WYETH Mrs. Kuerner

W-9 WYETH Wind from the Sea

W-10 WARHOL Campbell's Soup

W-11 WOODRUFF Poor Man's Cotton

X-1 ESCHER Reptiles

X-2 ESCHER Relativity

X-3 ESCHER Hand w\Globe

X-4 ESCHER Three Worlds

X-5 ESCHER Ascending, Descending

X-6 ESCHER Drawing Hands

X-7 ESCHER Concave, Convex

X-8 ESCHER Waterfall

X-9 ESCHER Mosaic

X-10 ESCHER Puddle

X-11 ESCHER Still Life\Street

X-12 ESCHER Still Life\Sphere

X-13 ESCHER Magic Mirror

X-14 ESCHER Another World

X-15 ESCHER Bonds of Union

X-16 ESCHER Print Gallery

We assume that the listing of artists and titles will be largely
familiar to

our clientele when ordering. If you'd find it convenient, we also

a full color catalog featuring 132 of our most popular images in

To request a copy please send a check or money order for $9 payable to

Northern Galleries at: P.O. Box 33937 Seattle, WA. 98133 or call

to charge to your Visa/Mastercard. Our catalog has been used by art
clubs and

other organizations as a powerful fundraising tool. Student sales to

and other community members have helped finance art club projects

To order art prints, simply indicate the item number and quantity

desired along with the appropriate billing and mailing addresses and

to Northern Galleries by fax, phone or mail. All orders are shipped

via U.S. priority mail at a typical charge of 10% of the total print
cost. To

ensure your complete satisfaction, your institution will be billed

Thank you for your commitment to art education.


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