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U-Shaped Art Room Design

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Ruth (
Fri, 16 May 1997 10:17:46 +1200

>Subject: "U-Shaped Art Room Design
> Concerning Teresa Tipton's message about art room design, I too used
>this arrangement when I taught K-5 art and model this design in my
>undergraduate art education methods courses at Central Connecticut State

I'm afraid I don't know what age group K-5 consists of but I teach Yr 9-13
(13-17 yr olds). I find that a U shaped room is actually quite restrictive
for the complexities of art learning activities (particularly if you are
engaged in a DBAE or similar system where some classes are writing, some
are printmaking, some are viewing audio visuals etc.) A U shape is fine for
maintaining teacher control in the class room... instead I tend to move
desks around the room as needed. I also encourage my students to do this
for themselves when needed too. This gives students access to wall space,
or floor space or large table space whenever they need it. For the junior
classes (yr 9-10) in a class of 30, relinquishing this type of teacher
control can be quite frightening, I've found neither teachers nor students
are used to this type of freedom. I find it is important to ease students
into it; explaining why I do it, encouraging a climate of self-discipline
(which is a central aspect to life as an artist anyway?), initially setting
up procedures for moving furniture and areas that students need to bring
their chairs when I want to talk to them. By the time they are in Yr 10 (14
years old) I've had virtually no management problems. If it started earlier
maybe it wouldn't take that long.

Education Dept, Univ of Canterbury

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