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Re: Teaching Surrealism

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Christine Merriam (
Wed, 14 May 1997 07:36:30 -0600

Continuing the discussion of surrealism....

This year we had the good fortune of having a theater group present
"This is Not a Pipe Dream"...... about..... Rene Magritte! The group,
Childsplay, sent some pre- play activities which my principal gave to
I dug around and found several surrealistic images which I posted at the
front of the room... then we described all of them and I introduced
vocabulary like Dislocation, Size Relation, Incongruity, etc. Only 3 of
the 5 images were by Magritte. I then told the students about him. They
had to pick out which 3 were by him and tell us how they drew their
conclusion... they had a great time, and really got into it. I also
have one wall of my room that is a static display of prints for the
entire year.... by coincidence there were 2 prints by Magritte, and 2 by
Dali. The students had to pick out which ones were by Magritte... and
tell us how they knew.
The last part of my activity was for them to get critical, and tell us
which painting they preferred and why.
When the play was presented, the head of the troup asked if anyone had
heard of Magritte, all the students raised their hand... the principal
was really wowed and let me know. Also, a teacher asked what all the new
vocabulary her students were using meant and was impressed with their
higher level thinking skills! The kids all came back and told me about
seeing some of the same images we learned about in the play, and more.
We also made cut out magazine collages, and I am observing the students
delight at them when we compile our end of the year portfolios.
Nice to share !
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