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Re: webmuseums

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Blood-Pattersons (bloodpat)
Tue, 13 May 1997 19:12:53 -0400

Hey folks,
I tried to send this earlier but ran into trouble so please
forgive if it gets sent twice. Heres a list of my favorite museum
sites as promised many moons ago. I'm trying to attach the URL's but
we'll see if that works! Anyways,
the news is that there are a few good museum sites well worth
but there are an awful lot of sites that are basically advertisement
brochures. Flat, boring-no-fun-type places. What I look for in a
museum site is it's ability to draw me in and engage me, as well as
present several images from their galleries for me to be able to
enjoy, learn from, and hopefully download for use in the classroom.
I want the images of artwork to have the artist's name and it's title
prominently displayed (several museums make it so hard to find out who
did the artwork displayed that you wonder if you're being
tested!). I like it when the site has something unique and different
about it visually interesting) and when I feel like I'm being drawn
into the web site.
Most of the sites that I visited let you download images but I
have to say that I think the day is soon coming where we won't be
allowed to do this. I have mixed feelings about the whole copyright
thing, especially since this is such a great way to get images to use
in the classroom! However, as a book editor, I can understand the
concern for copyright infringement. The Detroit Institute of art has
tons of great images but will not let you download any of their
images. They do provide easy copyright permission info, however.
Here are a few of my favorite sites. I have given all of
these sites a pretty high rating:
The Cleveland Museum of Art (I rate it a 10.--check out the poster
tour) []
The National Museum of American Art (Smithsonian) (9.5 - easy access,
lots of images, and good art history info) []
The Detroit Institute (100's of paintings and art images)
Webmuseum (Great for research on art history-great images! Easy
University of Memphis (good site for Egyptian artifacts..great images
and a color image tour of Egypt) []
Philadelphia Museum of Art (nice website links)
The Springville Museum of Art []

There are several more good sites...Honestly, though, I expected more
from most of them. It reminded me of how hard it is for the arts to
get funding. So few sites really met my expectations--I'm sure to a
large part because of lack of funds.
I'll leave you with a site that I really enjoyed -- The Teylers
this site really captures the essence of the museum...after visiting
the site I almost felt as though I had really been there (and bit
like I had been playing Myst).
Anyway, if anyone has any more favorite museum sites feel free to add
them to the list. I'm still exploring and am especially interested in
visiting museums that specialize in artwork from different ethnic
Bye for now, Annie