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Choosy digital artists choose "Jif"

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Robert Alexander Fromme (rfromme)
Sun, 11 May 1997 09:43:30 -0500 (CDT)

One of the frustrating things about teaching a digital art course in high
school is that we lack the security of a textbook and an established
curricula. Pesky little questions, such as the correct pronunciation of
"GIF", have a way of hounding us for weeks, months, or perhaps years until
we happen on to a reliable authority to set the record straight. This
morning I was working through a pile of obscure FAQs on graphic file formats
when , at last......., there it was...... lost in among the usual pile of
technical stuff:

"The pronunciation of "GIF" is specified in the GIF specification to be
"jif", as in "jiffy", rather then "gif", which most people seem to
prefer."(graphics/fileformats - faq/part1 by James D. Murray)

This seems a little strange because the "G" is from the word "Graphics" and
not "Jraphics". The only logic I can come up with here is that the GIF
format is a compressed image file format which allows for a "jiffy"
transmission of the smaller image file.

At any rate, after a couple years of using the pronunciation of "gif"
rather then "jif", I find I have peanut butter all over my face. Now I
have to face my students tomorrow morning and I am sure they are going to
have fun trying to give me a hard time about my mistake.

Bob Fromme