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Christine Merriam (
Sat, 10 May 1997 11:45:43 -0600

Thomas <96157429d>
I would like to ask the following questions:

>1.DBAE encourage the students to understand the artists' through the
visit of museums directly. However, it is very difficult for the art
teachers in Hong Kong to give so many chances for them. It is because
there are just a few museums and galleries in HK. How to solve the

Living in a remote part of northern Arizona, I have tackled this issue
in several ways....
1)We make our own museum in a room in the school using borrowed artwork
from either local artists and collectors, or a traveling exhibit from
the Arizona Comission on the Arts. Also we are fortunate to have murals
painted on the walls of our school which I can use with classes to
practice all aesthetic and critical analysis.
2)When I visit a museum, I try to find videos and books to use to take
my students on a second hand tour of what I have seen. Recently I used
the filmstrips and prints about the International Museum of Folk Art (I
visited it over spring break).. the students just finished a mola design
in paper inspired by that info. Right now they are making metal foil
masks after watching a video about the tombs of Sipan in Peru. We then
display and critique the work as a class.
btw.... someone was asking about keeping the "school is almost out
squirrely kids" happy... using a new and "special" medium this time of
year seems to help!
3) Local artists volunteer to come in and show their work, or sometimes
we even have money to pay them... they are a great resource!
4) A classroom teacher had his students write to the galleries and tell
them that we needed materials to use when we look at and talk about art.
Many galleries donated damaged prints and old cataloges... The kids
were really amazed at the response... so was I!
5)We have raised money and gone on long field trips to large museums and
galleries ... but I am finding that one day close to home trips are much
less stressful:) and probably more worthwhile.

>2. If the art aesthetic are included in art education, it is good for the
students to upgrade the ability of art criticism. It is very difficult
for the students to gain the knowledge systematically. Do you agree? Why
or why not?
I do follow a format similar to Feldmans... we look at and describe
work, then analyze it, then offer critical opinions. The students are
always asked to explain WHY they feel the way they do... that is tough
at first, but I model it, and soon they take off.

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