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Becky Alexander (Bekalex)
Sat, 3 May 1997 13:20:18 -0700

As long as this is on the list:

I have considered this some more and decided that it might be too much to
try to draw and listen at the same time.

My ideas of what is happening in a book are changing as I go along. The
kids are just learning to visualize and just learning to draw. Expecting
them to do both simultaneously is too much.

Back to being read to aloud, *then* drawing what we visualize. Finally,
looking at the illustrator's pictures. (g)


>>>Too cool!!! My kids (K) listen to tapes and "read along" with books, or
>read from a book and have them try to visualize. But to have them listen
>and draw!! I think that this might be helpful in making them start the
>visualization process so necessary to reading comprehension and art. Start
>seeing stuff in your mind!!
>When I read books to my preschoolers and to kindergarten art classes I
>sometimes read it without showing the pictures, asking them to make their
>own pictures in their minds. After they drew we looked at the book again
>to see how the illustrator had done it Other times we look at the pictures
>and create the words! Depends on the book----.
>But it should also be remembered that children (and adults) vary greatly in
>the kind and vividness of their visualization. I'm more kinaesthetic than
>visual, and both of those more strongly than aural. Some children can do
>this with pictures on a "screen" in their mind; others need to do it with
>actual drawing or even whole-body movement (dance).
>And yes, this visualization skill is absolutely critical for learning to
>_love_ to read as well.