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Re: large classes and motivaton

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jendixon (jendixon)
Thu, 01 May 1997 18:00:59 -0400

Capicinos!! How students wouldn't go for it. Hate the
smaell of my coffee as it is. I teach a very imature group I think. Very
candy and fruit punch oriented. Any way...I really need to push their
critiques. I keep getting one word responses, vague comments and
unconstructive criticisms that I dealt with teaching elementary school.
Actually I got better results with the little kids. I got great
critiques with my Fine Arts class. Course I only had 17 in that class
and we could really spend some time with each person's work. These 35
kids have such small attention spans its ridiculous.
Anyway, I love doing Optical Illusions with this type of bunch. They
get to reinforce their ruler skills and math skills. The kids who are
really into geometry have a blast with it. We look at Bridget Riley and
Escher and discuss how artists have the abilities to trick the viewer. I
teach a couple examples of interlocking patterns, radial designs and
then adding values to add the illusion of 3 dimensions. We play with
color vibrations too! Our eyes go crazy, but they love it. Do you get
Scholastic Art magazines? If so look up the Escher issue from two years
ago. And there's a great one on Bridget Riley from a while ago...(art &
Man magazines).
ANother fun unit I do is on surrealism and dadaism. Every one gets a
zerox copy of the Mona Lisa and American Gothic...and we, like the
dadaist destroy, make fun, change heads, add mustages....have fun
turniung these masterpieces into new works of art. I also play the
surrealist game: Exquisite Corpse. Where one person does a part of a
drawing or collage, and covers most of it up, leaving a hint for the
next person to add on to...and it gets passed on to so many people
before its completed and uncovered.
Got any ideas to swap? Hope these work for you.
Jen Dixon

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