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Re: kid as artist

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Gina Booth (
Wed, 29 May 1996 10:03:25 -0500 (CDT)

"Are kids real artists?"

I think the unasked question there is,"Is this kid going to grow up to be
an artist?"

The response that I'll always recall is once a kid answered, "I'm an
artist NOW!"

Kids can be artists now, I mean gee, they're only kids. That 3-D talent
may transfer someday to be a surgeon (you can't really be a 10 year old
surgeon) the young house drawer to become an architect or engineer,
the sketch artist to become a botanical illustrator, the student with the
wacky ideas to invent some product or service, etc.

The point is that
art is a great
age appropriate way for youngsters to experience creative thinking and
hands on skills and techniques in ways that may apply to a later field of
study or just to a certain richness in their approach to living!

So to my way of thinking, it's GREAT for a kid to be an artist NOW!

On Wed, 15 May 1996, Leon R. Nuell wrote:

> Whoever said it, "Well said!" and agreed to. Only in the most limited
> way are kids masters. They do great, refreshing and wonderful work, but
> they are kids. It's interesting to note that the number of prodigies
> in visual art are few, and often just "shooting stars" in the greater
> scheme of things. We throw words around in this world of ours as if they
> hold no real meaning and by so doing confuse the hell out of a lot of folks.
> On Tue, 14 May 1996, Dave wrote:
> > I am glad someone else out there has raised the question of "are kids genuine artists when they create a masterpiece?" I feel some kids are gifted in the way they design thier compositions and they come up with good pieces of art more often than the average student; however, I see some kids that don't have a clue when they are creating as to what they are doing! I have seen kids in kindergarten create works that some adult artist only dream of, and that is the only piece that is of quality for the next 6 year even with me harping at them the rules of design! At a young age students are not concerned with what is right and what is wrong with a composition and if you have enough students over time you are bound to get a few masterpieces. So no I don't think these young artist should be considered masters.
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