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satelite school ..and funny story

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Sun, 26 May 1996 22:21:21 -0400

I was approached by a school board member who asked me if I had ever heard of
a Fine Art and Technology Satellite School. She wishes to have one built in
addition to our current High School because we do not address the needs of a
large majority of our students. Our vocational programs were severely
reduced and she wants to meet these needs. She presented it to a community
task force group and received very positive feedback. Have any of you heard
of anything like this, worked in a situation like this, or have any comments
of how to go about setting up a program like this to run concurrently with a
regular college track program? Thank you for any imput.

Funny Story
I have debated about telling one of my egg on your face stories for fear of
offending someone, but the wonderful story of the teacher caught without her
made me laugh for hours, so I hope mine will at least bring a smile.
I had for sometime been wearing jeans and t-shirts to work in due to the
cheerleading activities and pottery classes I was overseeing. It came time
for my end of
the year evaluation so I thought it might be a good idea to "dress Up" a bit.
So in
the truly tacky styles of that era, I put on my best black satin blouse ,
black mini skirt,
black hose and massive black elevated shoes. I was invited into the inner
sanctum and asked to sit in a chair in front of my wonderful , silver headed
principal. Looking him
straight in the eye, he glanced up, then down and proceeded to shuffle papers
and clear his throat. I immediately went down the list of everything I had
been doing to see if
anything was grounds for a reprimand or even being fired over. After several
minutes, he stood up and walked behind me placing his hand on my shoulder.
In a rather gruff voice, he said"I could do this a lot easier if you would
button up your blouse"
Horrified, I looked down and sure enough, there shining brightly was my new
black French cut lace bra and the remainder of what would not fit into it!
When he returned, he found me curled into a miserably humiliated ball in
his leather chair, trying to
become invisible! I must was the BEST evaluation I had ever had!

Here's to an end of the year smile!


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