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Sandra L. Eckert (seart)
Mon, 20 May 1996 21:56:30 -0400

Heres a not-so-hypothetical question, considering the action taken recently
by one of our area school boards (not mine):

A photography assignment is made by an art teacher. A student completes the
assignment, producing an (and I quote)"obviously vague and unclear image",
which is later found to be a nude. Teacher is suspended without pay, and
without a public hearing. Where does this teacher stand, legally? Morally?
Is there any information available regarding "ownership" of the student's
work? If this teacher is held responsible (and I quote again) "any English
teacher whose student curses could be suspended; any history teacher could
be suspended for his students using a symbol of oppression or horror from
the past and, taking it further, any store manager or owner could have his
or her rights suspended if a student shoplifts on the premises".

The person I am quoting wrote an outraged letter to my local paper. I agree
with his observations, yet wonder where we stand, legally, in such a
situation. Censorship is such a confusing issue in the public schools. I
am just learning of this case, and have no more information than what I gave
you, at this time. Reactions?

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