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sensual vs. perception

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Dave (
Mon, 20 May 1996 13:20:16 -0500

On 5/17/96 henry wrote:

Is there a difference between sensual and cognitive perception? I
remember as a little kid how much trouble I had finding the patience to
imagine and draw all the complexity of what I percieved. It seemed
overwhelming and inevitably I surrendered to filling in "default"
patterns to represent what I could see but what I could not understand in
such a way so as to draw it.

Very good question henry! I too rememeber the overwhenlming feeling of
tring to draw all the complexity of what I percieved. Maybe that is one
reason I prefer making abstract art rather than realistic art, it's not
that I can't do it, but it is such a pain in the neck for what you get(let
the camara do it's job and the artist will be free!). I feel the higher
your cognitive level, up to Piaget's formal operational level, the more
able you are to actually "see" what your drawing rather than asigning a
symbol to the object or part of the object. Most kids in the concrete level
will assign symbols to the things they are drawing such as a house or a
tree. Trying to draw an object by looking at what is really there and
transfering that to paper is way over most kids heads.

I don't even try to start formal drawing until the fifth grade and that is
pushing it. When the kids are in Lowenfeld's Dawning Realism stage of
development(age 9-12) they are more aware of details and what is around
them in their physical environment. It is at that point that I introduce
the kids to drawing. The approach I use is the famous Drawing on the Right
Side of the Brain method. This helps them to draw what they see and not
what they THINK they see. I have a lot of symbols to break them of!

Before the kids reach the Dawining Realism stage they seem more sensual in
thier drawing. Thats when they produce the "great" art and are so free with
their colors (if they don't turn to mud!) and technique. After that they
are so self critical they get stifled in their ability to creat sensual

I think you nailed it on the head when you said that kids COGNITIVELY
perceive and comprehend a LIMITED amount of detail comensurate to their
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