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A. P. Art History

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Mark Alexander (Alexander)mamjam)
Sun, 19 May 1996 22:03:08 -0500

Hello again!

I'm interested in some information. I am interviewing for a high school
position teaching art. If I get the job I'll teach a few sections of
Drawing and Painting and a Portfolio class, along with Advanced Placement
Art History. I like the sounds of this job!

My specialty is not art history, because although I have a great just doesn't seem to last long! However, one of my first
reasons for deciding to teach art was that I noticed I always learned a lot
every time I prepared and taught something. So what better way to learn art
history that to teach it?

I'm not totally ignorant in art history, but my art history courses were
taken years ago and my personal art history interests and explorations
since then have been varied and tangential at best. So now I'm reading
Janson again.

What I need are your ideas about how I can make Janson seem exciting. Do
you know any good art history jokes?

Eileen Prince recently wrote about a lesson plan for younger grades about
how art historians work and how they use intrinsic and extrinsic
information. Do any of you have ideas in this vein for grades 11 - 12?

Any artists or art works that you have found to be especially exciting to
compare and contrast?

Being fun is the key, I think. Without some fun, art history is just a
lecture class with slides. Slide shows make me sleepy. I want to teach
art history with the lights on and the students active.

Any hints for one-period art projects which can make an art history concept
especially memorable and fun?

I would also love to hear your thoughts, both pro and con, about the
concept of advanced placement. Earlier this spring there was some
discussion here about A.P. for art, but I can't find those posts and I
don't remember (or I forgot) anything mentioned specifically about art

It has been a high point of my day to come home and read the daily postings
here. Like Henry, my wife thinks I have a relationship with this machine.
Actually I think I've been having a relationship with all of you which I
hope will expand as you reply because I'm learning so much. I know my
questions are broad, but anything even remotely related could be very
helpful. Maybe some of you lurkers are A.P.Art History veterans or
teachers? I'm looking forward to your replys!


mamjam(Mark Alexander)
recent graduate of the Art Education Program at
Central Connecticut State University

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