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henry (taylorh)
Wed, 15 May 1996 09:09:29 -0700 (MST)

On Mon, 13 May 1996, BLIND EUGENIE wrote:

> Seriously the way I'd like to see the whole structure of education
> [...SNIP] and learning is to what is basic to the student. Fear, love,
> sorrow, pain, joy, sharing, society, etc.... i figure students have to
> learn there is a single consciousness ,,the world,,, is what we are...

I have to largely agree Eugenie. These are important things, and a view of
the world as a "single consciousness", as difficult a concept to grasp as
it is for many of us, is also important. But I would like to put in a word
here for other visions too. For one thing, I can never be absolutely sure
I am "right" in regard to any of my beliefs; I usually need to act "as-if"
I were, but it wouldn't be reasonable (from my odd point of view) to
forget my lack of certainty. Because of that, I have to accept that there
are other, often contrary, visions of art and the world which may have
something to offer that my simple vision neglects. Because of that I have
to support the continuation of alternatives to my vision of "the best of
all possible worlds". That does not mean, I think, that I must remain
silent and uninvolved, that I must forgo influence and allow all to go
their ways without any intrusion or interference from me. (some however
DO believe such, good for them) So, I speak up, "unqualified" as I may
or may not be.

This must be (seem) rather recursive I'm afraid. You have every right to
argue how things are or ought to be. Just as I seem to have the right to
contend and to agree with you. Actually I suspect it's better if we don't
completely agree. MORE DIVERSITY I cry! ;-) besides its more fun to play
with aspects of difference than qualities sameness.

> Art is a fun way to open up the students to realities that us adults
> have pretty much left behind... Most of us just want a comfortable life,
> security etc...

Yes and yes. Art IS a fun way to "open up" AND in time most of us,
students and teachers alike, will opt for that "comfortable life,
security etc..." ..... "So it goes" as Vonnegut said.

> Great teachers....I don't know ...yeah there are some of course, but how
> many do you need to change the future of humanity.


> Pretty heavy I know....
> Teaching kids to read and write and make really good stuff is worthwhile
> and admirable and necessary but there is other things that I am hoping
> to get across which is that there is no need to prove anything,there is no
> need to have any ambition etc... what for to join the mass of iniquity...

Again Eugenie, I think we need a lot of paths -- simply because we are
individuals and see different parts of the world, and so often what parts
we do BOTH see we see in such different ways; we insist upon such
different "meanings". (what's the point of being "individual" if some of
us can't be "contrary" relative to the others? And THEN, we are back to
Eileen's sense of BALANCE of opposites rather than their exclusive
opposition, their "either/or" methinks.)

> Parents will love me I know ...Again though, i must admit I'm trying to
> take another approach I may change my mind tommorow.. I love kids, they
> are fun to watch and listen to .

There is a bumper sticker up north here exhorting us to "Question Authority"
I like it when you suspect that you may change your mind tomorrow. Being
willing to question OUR OWN authority is I think a good thing.

> My seven year old wrote a note on our door when we left the home tonight
> it read "we have gone out, be back in 100 years suckers" i thought to
> myself I hope that little candle that keeps that fun in him never goes
> out or gets snuffed out by an education system... Tall order?

You bet! Education, ours OR "the systems", always contains risks of some
sort I expect. Surviving "real" risks may be one path towards "real"
people... whatever they may be.

Good post