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Re: Professional Equity

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henry (taylorh)
Sun, 12 May 1996 10:53:45 -0700 (MST)

On Sun, 12 May 1996, Walter Carl Holland wrote:

> I put this up for consideration from the interveiw of Dave Hickey By
> Chris Scoates in The May june issue of Sculpture "Good art is defined by
> the real risks that are taken on its behalf-by the genuine commitment and
> sustained enthusiasm it can generate".
> Do we take this(out of context) as educators to mean that to teach a
> child to make moving art is important and to teach DBAE is filling the
> field with formula art. ? is art education promoting the newest trends
> or building a new generation of free thinkers.

Hickey and Scoates seem to avoid the formal/instrumental argument in this
quotation. Risk is inherent to the "best" of either camp, of any camp.
Risk, commitment, and enthusiasm seem not to be constrained to any single
baliwick. Whether teachers use DBAE, Propel, or personal improvisation
both success and failure are possible, formula art and free thinking
can each occur. The point of this quotation seems to be that we need to
move into risky territory as teachers as well as artists. If failure is
a not possible outcome perhaps our successes will be muted as well.

And THAT is a tough concept to encounter relative to education where we
want success for all. I cannot resolve this paradox. I can't be sure what
is "true". I am sure that there is no single answer. That this is
something we each must face and decide more-or-less alone.

Life is not comfortable It is messy, and cleaning it up will I
suspect diminish it.