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Re: Questions Raised about Art Ed & Tech.

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JAMES H. SANDERS (jhsander)
Fri, 10 May 1996 12:40:23 -0400 (EDT)

> I just want to say that our particular use of technology, meaning the
> dialogue that we create here on ArtsEdNet, is anything but dehumanizing and
> distancing. I'm sure many will agree, whether they have posted messages and
> responses or just read what others post, that this technological resource
> has brought Art Educators closer together. Many of us teach in such
> isolation, the only art specialist in the school system, or living in rural
> areas without museums or galleries nearby, that we often feel very alone.

Sandra may unintentionally be supporting my argument of concern - for if
we mistake this virtual community for real face-to-face interaction, we
run the risk of absoving ourselves from action in response to the
isolation we authentically feel. I too have felt supported by the
awareness that others are sharing similar issues and concerns - but if I
retreat to the terminal to find friends, I'm turning my back on the real
work of that I could be involved in, in my own workplace and community.

> However now I feel like there is a large number of kindred spirirts out
> there who feel much like I do, who have philosophies about Art and about
> teaching that mesh with or stimulate mine,and who express very authentic
> thoughts and feelings. I even enjoy the contradictory discussions and
> challenging direction provoked by some of the messages here. If ArtsEdNet
> can have such an impact on Art Educators in particular, then I have no
> doubt there will be many other positive, humanizing, and interactive
> benefits of technology in general.

I believe we all have adequate sources of challenge in our own back yards,
if only we have the will to take them on. If this discussion group reduces
the dialectic tension - how might it actually be serving as a disservice to
our agency?

I too have found great comfort in this space - but satisfied needs don't
motivate... While enjoying the talk, I hope to retain the necessary
sense of uneasiness and challenge that further propels me in my
work - the real work of human interaction, not the insular world of text
and terminal.