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BJ Essig (
Thu, 9 May 1996 15:21:10 -0500 (CDT)

Dear Tim,
Hope this gets to you as it is my last try. Several ideas come to mind.
Feel free to use your expertize and fine artistic knowledge to expand on
any of these ideas. The first idea deals with disposabale art. I have
had Jr. High make sculpture with starch packing tubes (I call it lick and
stick) These tubes or large spagetti come in packages which have
breakable items in them. They are made of starch and they disolve in
water. I get mine at the Local Veternarian's hospital but you could try
a hospital, pharmacy or any other place that receives breakable items. I
relate this project to Christo and ask the obvious question must art be
long lasting to be of value. When the project is done just wash it down
the drain. The kids like to see it disolve. Chalk drawings on the
sidewalk with the broken chalk is also a good one for this idea.
I have also used dryer lint and made faces. The kids can bring
some great colors. It too is disposable because one strong gust of wind
and it's toast. I use elmer's glue to stick the layers together.
A little calligraphy idea could be to take some blue starch and
powdered tempera, mix together and dump a tablespoon(more or less) in a
zip-lock bag. The kids then can write or draw on the bag and erase.
I have also used sawdust and glue to make a modeling compound for
sculpture. I think I would use a few drops of peroxide in it or bleach
to keep the mold down. Sawdust is cheap if you have a lumber yard in
town, they do think you a little weird ,so what's new.
I am thinking that there is no harm in letting the older kids
help you make some of these mixtures (you have to decide if this is possible)
for their projects. To make large quanities might be the death of you if
you do it on your own.
Hope this might help you keep hanging in there until the end of
the year.

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Bette Essig
Art Instructor 8-12
Burwell Jr. Sr. High School
190 I Street-PO Box 670
Burwell Ne.68823-0670

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