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Re: kids who "can't draw"

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Ken Rohrer (kenroar)
Mon, 6 May 1996 20:02:00 -0600

Henry said..........
>What's going on here? Why do I get first and second graders who already
>"know" that they "...can't DO art"? Why do I see primary age students
>with a suspicion of schooling and an interest in avoidance? How is it
>that learning, especially the learning of Art, begins to lose value almost
>simultaneously with a child's dawning awarness of the word itself?
>I just don't know... any suggestions out there?
I've had some considerable thought about the problem also. Students
enter school with the notion that they "can't draw". I have a hypothesis to
the problem.
I believe that when children bring their pictures to show off to their
parents or guardians, they may make comments such as, "what is that!? You
call that a truck?" I've actually heard parents tell their children that.
Because their pictures aren't done in the realistic format, its rejected.
I have had some success with introducing younger children to abstract
art. That famous 10 year old that was featured on the Today show was a help
also. They begin to realize that art isn't just, "that's a truck." They
begin to realize that art is also expression and communication.
>I'm kind of ADD myself and alternate between moments of intense
>concentration in differing fields (unable, for the most part to keep my
>attention on a single discipline) and "recuperative burnout" where I
>submerge myself in fiction.
>Hope that explains my occasional disappearences from the list and the
>cumbersome, intense, and lengthy posts when I suddenly pop up again.
Did you know that many artists have ADD? Check out the page done by artist
John Wiggins who also has ADD at I have also been told
I may have ADD, but haven't bothered to be tested because I like myself the
way I am. I'm afraid that the ideas may stop coming at me like a mac truck
if I take something for it. Henry, I like you the way you are. Don't
apologize for yourself.

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