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changes in art curriculum in australia

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Mon, 06 May 1996 20:37:07 +1000

There is a green paper review being presented soon that may or may not
ax some art courses in high schools. The new syllabus will contain
courses in drama,music,drama,society and culture ,textile and design
on top of the visual arts.Some people call these the"soft options"
The traditionalist don't believe these courses are as rigourous as the
maths ,science etc... In new south wales which has a labor govt' may be doing th/the one is quite certain. The premier is a huge fan of literature
not the visual arts so it is up in the's a worry.
This govt' has refused a teachers' pay rise of 12% also teachers
are striking on random days..It's not good.
There are 91,000 people employed in the arts in Australia,which is
more than in mining but nobody seems to take notice of this.
Art is starting to gain real power and they/the traditionalists
fear it ...What can you do.?
Universities totally accept drama,music ,communications culture studies
etc.. so why is it that the high school students be allowed to
develop in those areas..It's insane ..It's like censorship .
I will keep you informed. I don't think it will happen to all of
them but some I feel are already tarketed.
Thr students love these choices ..classes are filling up in these
so called "soft options".
,.<<<<<correction , should read " why CAN'T the high school student
be allowed to develop in those areas.