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Teresa Tipton (
Fri, 3 May 1996 10:24:38 -0700 (PDT)

I'm forwarding another resource to the group - this one is a study abroad
program I went to two years ago that I highly recommend to anyone
interested in an overseas experience studying art. The program has
students from 16 to 80, teachers, historians, artists, college students,
etc. They also have a homepage:

I've been to both the Italy and Parian programs and can answer any
questions anyone may have. As before, please scroll through the

Teresa Tipton

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Date: Fri, 3 May 1996 02:03:10 -0400
From: ArtAegean
Subject: Re: Tuition, etc.

I definitely attached the file to your last message. Obviously it went the
way of those odd socks--you put a pair in the washing machine, and
presto-chango, there's only one when you open up. I suspected there was a
Cyber-version of this same paranormal phenomenon. No doubt it's quite a
strange and wonderful ether-world all these missing socks and bits of things
go to--no doubt colorful and depending on what part of the wash cycle they
begin their journey, shouldn't smell so bad either.

I'll just attach the whole shootin' match to this letter. Good luck sorting
it all out and thanks for any attempts you make. I'll be in touch again.


1996 marks the Center's thirtieth year on the island of Paros and our
seventh in Italy.

It becomes increasingly clear to us with the profound changes in the world
political situation that our founding idea, to provide a unique opportunity
for students of the arts to study and work in a different culture, continues
to hold immense importance. We must go out of our way in order to try to
acquire a better informed global understanding and a comprehensive world
view. Extensive time spent outside of one's own familiar and expected
environment is surely one of the best and most satisfying ways to acquire a
new world perspective as well as a new sense of self. All of us at the Aegean
Center for the Fine Arts endeavor to contribute to this understanding through
our international programs in the arts. We hope you find this year's
offerings of interest and that we will have the opportunity to communicate
with you further.

Each session is designed around a format of intensive small group
instruction with our full-time staff members in drawing, painting,
photography, printmaking, creative writing and history of the arts as well as
one-on-one consultation and independent studio and field work. Students are
encouraged to work at their own level and pace, exploring and expanding a
personal vocabulary while being immersed in the classical discipline from
which the Western tradition of art and thought emerged. Students choose from
a weekly schedule of classes or from one-on-one instruction with the Center's
qualified and excellent faculty. With Greece being well situated
geographically, our one week midterm break gives students the chance to
travel to other sites in Greece, Turkey, Europe, or points beyond, or to
continue working in their studio as they see fit.

The Spring Session: continues and improves our long-standing Paros program,
making and teaching art in response to an extraordinary environment.

The Italy Session: conducted in the Tuscan city of Pistoia and on Paros,
allows participants to study and base work on the two most important
inter-related Mediterranean traditions of art in a single program.

THE SPRING SESSION 13 weeks, 25th of March - 24th of June;
Paros. COSTS: $6000 USD.
Includes: Tuition, room, studio space and lab
Does not include board or transportation.

Our Spring Session is held at the Center's permanent facility on Paros.
Spring's blush of green, innumerable wild flowers, Greek Easter in the
island's ancient Byzantine church, and the absence of heavy tourism make
these months especially beautiful. Student accommodations are single
occupancy in pleasant studio apartments amid fruit trees and gardens, a five
minute walk from the Aegean Center. The midterm break is the week of May 6th.
It is possible to organize a year's study including the following Fall Italy

THE ITALY SESSION 15 weeks, 1st September - 14th of December. COSTS:
$7500 USD.
Pistoia {3 weeks}, Venice {3 nights},Florence {2 additional nights},
Rome {4 nights}, Athens {2 nights}, Paros {11 weeks},
Includes: room & board for 20 days in Pistoia,room & board in Venice,
group travel in Italy, hotels in Florence, Rome and Athens, boat travel
Athens to Paros, and room, studio and lab fees on Paros .
Does not include air travel, nor does it include meals after leaving

The Italy Session begins Sunday the 1st of September in the hills above the
Tuscan city of Pistoia and concludes fifteen weeks later, Saturday the 9th of
December, on the Greek island of Paros. In Pistoia we occupy the beautiful
16th century Villa Rospigliosi until the 23rd of September. During these
twenty days we will visit the cities of Pisa, Lucca, Prato, Siena, Venice and
Florence. With eight days of travel between, including overnight stays in
Florence, Rome and Athens, the program continues at our permanent facility on
In Italy we concentrate on art history while incorporating a workshop and
discussion format for painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, printmaking
and creative writing. Once on Paros, work in all media will begin in earnest
in our studios, lab and the landscape.
Tuition includes: double occupancy accommodations and two meals daily,
including evening meal at the villa, rail and bus travel for group excursions
while in Italy, entry fees to most museums and monuments, double occupancy
hotel accommodations in Venice, Florence, Rome, and Athens (but not meals),
boat tickets from Athens to Paros, single occupancy studio apartments at the
lovely Aegean Village on Paros, studio space, and lab fees. During this
session we take our one week midterm break the week of November 4th.
At the conclusion of this session it is possible for students to arrange a
continuing self-directed individual study program through the winter. It's
also possible to organize a year's study including the following Spring


We are very pleased to be offering the following scholarships and financial
aid possibilities available to all applicants.

THE OLIVETTI SCHOLARSHIP is made possible for the seventh consecutive year
through the kindness of Ms. Rosamond Olivetti and the benevolence of the
Olivetti Foundation. This scholarship is designated for the Italy Session
only. It is the intention of the Olivetti Foundation and the Aegean Center to
nurture a cross-cultural understanding between Italy and America through the
Center's programs in the arts. This scholarship will be awarded to one or two
deserving intermediate or advanced students involved in any discipline of
study offered at the Center and will be selected by the Aegean Center staff.
A personal statement of intention must accompany 12 to 20 slides of an
applicant's work. In the case of a writing student, copies of recent work
must accompany a personal statement of intention.

THE YANNIS KAPAROS SCHOLARSHIP is made possible through an anonymous
donation to the Center in the name of Yannis Kaparos, who inspired it. Yannis
Kaparos is a remarkable man who owns and maintains a beautiful monastery and
gardens above the town of Lefkes on Paros. In accordance with the donor's
wish, this scholarship will be awarded to a continuing student who chooses to
do some work in response to the natural landscape in any medium, including

THE BRETT TAYLOR PAINTING SCHOLARSHIPS inaugurated in 1996, are offered
through the Aegean Center in honor of its founding director, himself a very
fine painter, and are limited to four awards each year. These are merit
scholarships and will be granted to intermediate and advanced students who
must submit 12 -20 slides of recent work with a personal statement of
artistic intention.

TUITION GRANTS are made available directly through the Aegean Center. They
are not loans but rather a reduction of tuition payment in the form of a
grant. These grants are available to any student at any level of proficiency
in any field of study who can demonstrate by way of a written statement their
need for such assistance as well as their artistic intention while at the
Center. They are limited and given on a first come first serve basis. Those
who wish to apply for a tuition grant must supply the Center with a personal
financial statement which includes a copy of their most recent tax return

WORK STUDY positions are available on a straight per hour work exchange
for a reduction in tuition payment. Work study positions are limited and
given on a first come first serve basis evaluated upon need. As with the
offerings above, you must submit a written statement of need and intention.

All of us at the Aegean Center want to thank you for your interest in our
programs. Due to the fact our enrollment is kept small, sixteen per session,
you are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Please write to me
personally with any questions you may have. If time is of the essence, I urge
you to communicate via the fax number listed in our letterhead.

Very Warmly Yours,

John Pack

The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts, Inc. admits students of any race, color,
national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and
activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It
does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin
in administration of its admission policies, educational policies,
scholarship and loan programs, and other school-administered programs.



Tuition for the 13 week Paros spring session is $6,000 USD. For the 15
week fall Italy/Greece session tuition is $7,500 USD. Fees may be paid in
currencies other than U.S. Dollars by special arrangement. Each program is
explained in detail in the enclosed Program Announcement. Please read the
information carefully, complete this application form and send it with a
non-refundable $75.00 application fee to the Center's address in Greece.
Application fees must be paid via bank cashier's check payable to: John A.
Pack/ The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts and, once accepted, may be deducted
from final tuition payment. We can not accept bank drafts in Greek drachma.
All final charges are subject to currency exchange fluctuations. The
application fee will be deducted from your final tuition payment.





I. Briefly outline your educational, and / or professional background; any
experience you may have had with the arts.

II. Describe briefly travel experiences you have had.

III. How did you find out about the Aegean Center?

IV. Indicate the areas of study which most interest you: {Note: Selection of
a single area is neither required nor prohibited. Experimentation and
exploration are encouraged.}

V. Please check the session, or sessions, you are most interested in
25 March - June 24 1 September - 14 December

VI. Use the reverse side of this form (or attach a seperate page if
necessary) for comments about yourself, general and specific goals you may
have, projects and ideas that interest you, what you would like to gain from
the program, and reasons, other than attending the Center, for wanting to
study abroad.

Schools That Have Granted Credit for Study at the
Aegean Center for the Fine Arts

Alfred University
American University
Antioch College
Atlanta College of Art
Bard College
Barnard College
Beloit College
Boston Museum School
Bowdoin College
Bradford College
Bristol Polytechnic (England)
Brown University
California College of Arts and Crafts
Calvin College
Carleton College
Central Michigan University
Chicago Art Institute
Colgate University
College of the Redwoods
Colorado Rocky Mountain
Colorado State University
Columbia University
Converse College
Corcoran School of Art
Cornell College
Emory University
Evergreen State College
Flagler College
Florida State University
Franconia College
Friends World Institute
Goddard University
Hampshire University
Harlech College (Wales)
Harvard University
Humbolt State University
Ithaca College
James Madison University
Johnson State College
Kansas City Art Insitute
Knox College
Lake Eerie College
Leslie College
Louis and Clark College
Louisiana State University
Lyndon State College
Manhattanville College
Marlboro College
Maryville College
Massachusetts College of Art
Michigan State University
Middlebury College
Minneapolis College of Art and Design Ohio University
Pacific Northwest College of Art
Pennsylvania State University
Philidelphia College of Art
Pomona College
Portland School of Art
Portland State University
Pratt Insitute
Princeton University
Queens College,
City Univ. of New York
Rhode Island School of Design
Rollins College of Art
Royal Academy of Fine Arts
Sarah Lawrence College
St. Cloud State University
St. John's Graduate Institute
in Liberal Education*
San Fransisco Art Institute
School of Visual Arts
Scripps College
Simon's Rock College
Skidmore College
Smith College
State Universities of New York:
Albany, Binghamton,
Cortland, New Paltz,
Swarthmore College
Towson State University
Tyler School of Art, Temple
Tufts University
U.S. Armed Forces Base
School University of Alaska
University of Arizona
University of British Columbia
Universities of California: Los
Angeles, Santa Cruz
University of Hartford
University of Hong Kong
University of Illinois
University of Kansas
University of Maryland
University of Massachusetts
University of Michigan
University of New Hampshire
University of New Mexico*
University of North Carolina
University of Oregon
University of Pennsylvania
University of Pittsburgh
University of Southern
University of Texas
University of Vermont
University v Washington
University of Wisconsin
University Without Walls
Webster College
West Virginia University
Western Washington
Worchester Art Museum
Yale University
Social Security Administration
Illinois Bureau of Salary
Differential & Status
New York City Bureau of
Salary Differential

*graduate credit

The marble column and clear proportions have been paramount in the cultures
of Greece and Italy. Aritsts and art historians so often yoke together Italy
and Greece, that it is surprising no educational program has done so. We at
the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts are proud to offer, for the sixth year, a
program specifically designed to expose artists and students of the arts to
both the contemporary life and the history of these centers of civilization.
Students who wish to develop their painting, drawing, photographic,
sculptural and writing skills, while simultaneously experiencing Ancient
Greece, the Italian Renaissance and the Mediterranean light and life, as they
are conveyed by expert artists and historians, should not miss the
opportunity of this unique program.

That we call "Western" in art, literature, philosophy, science and politics
was first articulated in Ancient Greece. It was rediscovered and reconceived
in Renaissance Italy. One cannot truly comprehend Western civilization
without knowing these two epochs. In the landscape, villages and cities, the
high ideals of these two cultures can become a part of one's personal art and
In Italy, students will live in the town of Pistoia, with its ancient
buildings and art, Tuscan landscape, and close proximity to Florence, Siena
and Pisa. In Greece, the program will be based on the island of Paros, where
the Aegean Center has maintained a facility for over twenty-nine years.

The early Greeks said that to marvel is the beginning of knowledge, and
when we cease to marvel, we may be in danger of ceasing to know.

The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts, Paros, 844 00, Cyclades, Greece.
Or communicate via our fax number: (30) 284.23.287 or e-mail