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Re: Lighten up

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Brian Foster (fozzie)
Thu, 2 May 1996 22:13:34 -0400

To Shdog45 (Jeff Shaw),
I have not chosen to reply to anyone in this group in the public forum,
but in your case it is a must.
I realize you believe your mission for a h.s. listserv is a paramount
objective and should not be discussed or even mentioned in a tongue in cheek
refrence to animal art(/VIA DeKooning). Is it your view that our discussion
group should read more like the classified section of cnet.? Perhaps every
submission should carry a rating, ie: P=paramount, E=ego enhancing, etc....
down to I=Insane ravings.
I have noticed there are basically two types of messages which appear
in this forum. The first of these are requests for help and advice and
offers of help or information on subjects the group members might find
valuable. Yours was one of these messages. You asked for help (and from
your message I presume you got it). I have replied privately to a few
requests such as yours.
The second type of message found a this site enters into a type of open
debate and usually confines itself to a few selected topics approached from
various viewpoints. Most of these are quite thought prevoking (even the
devils' advocate approach often used by the imfamous Aussie!). I constantly
fight off the urge to dash off a bit of drivel myself to get my two cents
worth but find if I wait patiently someone will expound on my point. There
is a definate need for a few people (hobbiests?) who can take the time to
keep the train of thought on track; Henri, Kat .... Eugenee.
Many of us on this network are somewhat isolated from a source of
intellectual discourse in the art education, and listening to, and perhaps
entering, these discussions provides a source of virtual comradery, though
it might not be the best medicine for thin-skinned CURMUDGEONS!
Sorry for sounding off, but lighten up you guys.
(lighten up PART II)
This includes the almost brutal berating by a collage prof. of the
teacher who was not sufficiently informed as to the behavioral disorders of
autistic children. Since mainstreaming (excuse me- inclusion) (wrong
buzzword) is the law of the land, art teachers, and other specialty
teachers, are called upon to provide an environment for students with any of
a multitude of disabilities. Should we all have advanced degrees in Special
Education, Emotional impairment, Learning disabilities, Psychology and more?
With each severely handicapped student comes an aide, that aide reports
directly to the special needs professional assigned to the student. This
person should be immediatly contacted and being aware of the students
particular tendencies should have a remedy/solution to deal with the precise
situation to the problem.
Often times students with overwhelming ( but not severe enough for an
aide) are placed in my classroom without an instruction manual (sometimes
not even ....a label)
and it might be days before I find in my flock of angles a raving ADD
student who has elected not to take his/her meds and goes on a rampage.
With all special needs children communication with the professionals is
essential. Getting extra background on a condition is great for the
classroom teacher, but not for the purpose attempting to treat it.
Thanks for the link.