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Dave Maw (
Thu, 2 May 1996 14:43:12 -0500

> To the group:
> I'm working in a school district that allocates .50 cents
> per child/per year for art supplies ! As the year nears the
> end, coming up with cheap ideas is a challenge. Anyone
> willing to share some good cheap plans or ideas ?? Thanks !
> -- Tim

Here is a super Cheep Lesson that teaches students how to paint using only
sticks for brushes and any kind of Paint or pigmint. I have even seen kids
use dandy lions for yellow paint.

OBJECTIVES: o Students will learn how to create a painting using only a stick
and pigment.
o Students will learn about the history of skin painting and
people painted and made thier own material before you could buy
them in a store.

MATERIALS: o Green sticks about 3/8" in dia., small rocks about 2-3" in dia.,
Pigment(tempra,acrylic,or things from nature),paper grocery sacks
brought in from kids. Books from the library on Native
animal skin painting.
o Show students a brush and ask how it was made, ask students how
people painted before brushes and show and talk about the skin
painting. Also talk about pigments.

o Take the rock and show students how to gently beat the end untill
the end of stick breaks down into fibers like a brush.

o Students then draw their own skin or cave paintings on the sack
that that is torn to look like animal skin. They may also rub
flowers or berrys on painting to fill in large areas.
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