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Re: [teacherartexchange] Class Schedules/Load


From: Juile Jacobusse (jacobusse_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat May 24 2008 - 12:45:13 PDT

I would talk to your superintendent or teacher union. Not sure if it
would do any good. Seems like they keep piling more things on art
educators. Try and find more ways to make your job better and faster
for yourself to keep your sanity and keep the art experience a great
one for your students. Now that it is the end of the year, evaluate
what is important and cut out the fat. I often do that and realize why
am I spending time on doing this or that. Maybe it does not even need
to be done, maybe students can help with more prepping, cleaning, etc.
Again do what you need to do and what works best for you.

I a had a busy year traveling to another school and they cut art this
year. I was at my home school for 3 days and at another school for 2
days. The other school had 2 other art teachers there each for 1 day.
The other school had art for 4 days. I guess this helps the county save
on hiring art teachers. This year my budget was cut to almost nothing.
I do an art show fund raiser and did not earn as much this year think
due to timing and the economy and gas hurts because for next
year my program will suffer. I talked to a few of my co-workers and my
principal but none of them seemed to be too concerned about it. It made
me even more upset after I talked to my schools book keeper and they
told me to have another fund raiser if I need more funds. I said I
travel, have no planning time, back to back classes, car duties, do the
yearbook and bulletin boards, load and unload the kiln, prep supplies,
clean my room and do hallway art displays and a art show and feel trying
to fit in another fund raiser will be difficult. I thought not only do
I have to do all this, but I have to earn money for art supplies too.
I should be happy I am doing what I like teaching art, at least they
still have an art program. My school is great, the principal is
supportive and upbeat, but these things make my job harder and at times
this year made me stress out. I had to learn to be happy despite these
things and let it slide off my back.

Not that I am complaining either. Probably the only people that truly
understand what an art educator goes through are all of the other ones.
All of you heroes that keep art going and striving despite all of these

Julie Jacobusse
K-5 Art 12 miles S. of Atlanta in Stockbridge wrote:
> Hi all:
> I'm a primary and middle school teacher at 2 bldgs. Currently, I teach K-4 classes once per week(from a cart), then go up to the MS, where I have 3 classes - 5th, 6th and 7th, daily for a quarter, then switch to a new group. All my preps are at the primary - I have NONE at the MS, and, as a result, am usually there until between 5-7pm each day, prepping for classes for the next day, photographing projects for the web pages, loading, unloading the kiln, grading, etc., etc., etc. - you guys know all the stuff we art teachers do (that no one else seems to realize!).
> Now I've been told for next year my primary classes will be on a 6 day rotation, and, except for K and 1, will be 5-10" longer. At the Middle School, I've been told I will now also have 8th grade art. I don't really have a problem with the primary additions - at least I hav a prep there. But thinking about adding the 8th grade - and still, NO PREPS in that bldg. will result in making my days even longer.
> Anybody got any ideas to help me plead my case? The guy who was teaching 8th grade used to be the MS art teacher, is now a 5th teacher, and will be teacing a Lit. class next yr. instead of 8th art. Our new hire, a K-8 Spanish teacher, is also an art major, but I've been told her schedule will parallel mine, so she won't be available(although I know at the primary, she'll only have 30" classes, unlike mine, which will be 45"). The HS teacher is on a block schedule, but only has 3 classes and an 86" prep every day, but I've been told he's not available either.
> I feel like I'm getting dumped on. I try to run a quality program, have an art club, a yearly show, get some of my students work in the state traveling exhibit each year. With my "cart mornings", I already feel like I'm running through each day, and am exhausted at the end of the day, even though I consider my self in pretty good shape. At the MS, I see aides and teachers visiting, or stopping in the office to chat - I only see these things when I'm whizzing into the office to run something off, etc. - I don't ever have time to just relax a bit.
> I don't think our MS principal really understands that teaching art is not just going into a classroom and opening a book, or just getting out paints and paper, and telling kids to paint. I typed up a sheet showing him some of the things I need to do in my curriculum that require extra time outside of class time, and in some cases, are not practical or safe for students to do. He wasn't even interested in looking at it - just basically gave the indication that the schedule is "sacred".
> I've been told by a lot of subs that they realize after subbing for me, how hard my job is, but that I make it look easy. Any ideas or "ammo" I might use in pursuing my argument for getting either an aide, a prep at the MS, or someone to teach one of the MS classes? I'm thinking maybe my next step is to talk to our Supt. about it.
> Sorry if this is too much whining - I'd be happy to teach all those classes, if I just had SOME time to prep for the MS classes during the day!
> Thanks!
> Deb
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