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RE: [teacherartexchange] Classes Dropped


From: Sidnie Miller (smiller_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Wed May 25 2005 - 12:12:25 PDT

One of the reasons that schools are happy to get rid of industrial arts
classes is that they are
so expensive to equip. A good art class is also, but we versitile
people can teach in a cave
with sticks if we have to!

>>> 05/25/2005 4:40:08 AM >>>
 Woody, I hardly can consider this concern of our children's future a
Here in my district, we await each spring as compared to Shirly
Jackson's "
The Lottery." Someone on our exploratory team will get cut. We were
to 5 last year in a school that has 750 students. We had an "A" and a
schedule. Our Home Ec is gone and so is the industrial tech. class.
year, they cut a PE position.) This year, we were lucky to have 8
members on
our team. (Next year there will be 7 with our choir numbers at nearly
per grade level.)
 Art and music are strong with numbers because the choir, band and the
have parent support. WE bring in many friends and parents for
each year. ( saving grace for now.) There are three of us on the team
value live performance and we find our students to respond in a
manner to our methods. Our class size is in what I call the flood
zone, but
I still offer room for those "unwanted" students that do not give me a
minute's problem and are very creative. (My classes are over flood
The truth is that the NCLB gives the assumption that there is only one
answer to any one problem and this is a head-on-collision with the arts
the future of problem solving students across the country.
I refuse to focus on the test scores alone. In some cases, we are
trying to
manipulate the child for failure.
Su Sheridan
The Arts in Elkhorn, Frankfort- Kentucky
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From: Woody Duncan []
Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 5:00 PM
To: TeacherArtExchange Discussion Group
Subject: [teacherartexchange] Classes Dropped

In an e-mail from a teacher at my old Middle School, I found
out that all shop and Home Ec classes will be dropped. The
shop teacher retired so it was easy to faze out. Apparently
our school had the last shop class in the district. The
Home Ec was dropped to provide more math. Math is the one
area that has been a problem with test results. Art and
Music classes are safe for now, but for how long is the
question. The school serves a low income population. There
are not that many college bound kids. There are lots of
good solid jobs out there in the construction trades. I know
because my son makes four times what a teacher makes. I
believe we are making a big mistake focusing on test scores
in just reading and math. In a few years NCLB will expect
100 % of our students to be proficient in reading and
math. An excellent but very unrealistic goal. They instead
should call it NSLO (No School Left Open). Any comments
on my ranting.

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