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RE: Graphic Design


Date: Mon May 31 2004 - 14:25:12 PDT

Frank, I love your ideas. My 8th grade art graphics class finished 3 photos in photo shop. Picture one was to create a beautiful picture. We discussed the definition of beauty and when turning in their photos, they handed in a page to me on how their picture is beautiful. Picture two dealt with a teen issue.( We made a list earlier and discussed them.) Photo #2 dealt with any reason for creating art. They made a list before hand, some items they listed were: to inform, to sell, humor, beauty, make you think about a social, political issue, and therapy.... Two girls used it in conjunction with some counseling they are doing. One did hers on suicide and depression and the other dealt with her parents divorce. They were stunning to look at and the messages were clear. They were very personal. It took my breath away. They had to have 5 layers and use at least 5 tools or filters/effects. They peer critiqued them before finishing and filled out self-evaluation sheets when done. Thanks for your ideas. I love the biocollage idea
Renee Berg
6th,7th Art and 8th grade Art Tech
Mitchell Public Schools
Mitchell, SD

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        Hi all,
            I did some things similiar to Vivian in my digital class. I spoke to a friend in the English depart and asked her if she could find 2 short passages which described (vividly) a place-she provided me with passages about 4-6 paragraphs in length.
            One described a train pulling into a station in Sydney, and included references to the various economic strata of the areas the train passed, as well as the topography of the settings. The other described a ghostly walk through a Middle East narrow village street in the evening, complete with views of balconies, coffee shops & minerettes. I asked the students to read each, envision/construct the imagery in their heads, & then to select the one they liked the best and create the scene, using at least 5 layers and including themselves in the composition. This was very successful!
            Another assignment asked them to create a self-portrait, (including some relavant text) and select one of the following options: Create the opposite of yourself (the most popular option!), Insert yourself into a historical setting (one of my guys is chatting with James Dean at a drive-in, while they both lounge on my students pride & joy car), or To create a self portrait which reveals some aspect of your soul which is unknown to others. I have been pleased with these results as well! Currently, they are creating a biographic homage to a resident at the nursing home across the street. We went there last Tuesday and they were each paired with a resident, interviewed them and took some shots. They will PhotoShop these together with imagery related to the info they got in the interview and create a layered montage, which will be matted. We will hang these, (along with a biographical statement they will word process), during a our exam period, at the nursing home. After the exhibit, the works will be gifted to the residents and their families.
        Hope this helps,
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                I'm not sure if these are the types of lessons you are looking for, ....