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Red Grooms Lesson Ideas


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Date: Thu May 20 2004 - 10:49:29 PDT

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II. Compare and Contrast Other Artists With Hans Hofmann

Students will learn about two artists who were featured in the documentary:
Red Grooms and Frank Stella. They also will learn about Stuart Davis, whose
color theory may be contrasted with Hofmann's.

Red Grooms: A Narrative Artist Incorporates Abstract Expressionism


Students will be able to: understand the work of Red Grooms as it relates
Hans Hofmann, whom he studied with briefly; understand Groom's work in terms
of his reaction to Abstract Expressionism, use art journals to reflect on
their process and plan artwork create three-dimensional cardboard collages
that are narratives of daily life.

Time Required:

This lesson may be spread over 5 to 10 50-minute class sessions; it may end
with the creation of models as an end in itself, or models may be viewed as
prototypes for larger pieces.

Preparation: One or two weeks before the lesson:

Explore for information on the
students of Hofmann

and for links to museums that have works by Red

Direct students to spend some time each day sketching and/or photographing
scenes that represent impressions of people and places in their
neighborhoods. All work should be kept in art journals.

Preparation: The day of the lesson:

Assemble the following materials: tempera paint, brushes, cardboard, poster
board, glue, masking tape


Note: Use the following to inform the conversation you have with your

Red Grooms was born in 1937 in Nashville, Tennessee. He became interested in
art as a child in elementary school. After high school, he attended several
art schools. Intrigued by Abstract Expressionism, at the age of 20 he
attended Hans Hofmann's Provincetown art school. Grooms soon felt the pull
to create narrative art that reflected different character types in their
respective settings. Although Grooms' work is representational, the
painterly quality of the Abstract Expressionists is evident in his work.

Have students view the segment of Hans Hofmann: Artist/Teacher,
Teacher/Artist that refers to Hofmann's summer school in Provincetown. Note
that at the age of 20, Red Grooms attended this school.

Show images of Red Grooms and Mimi Gross' City of Chicago (1967) and Ruckus
Manhattan 1975 - 76.

Ask students:........................................


Portraits of Famous People
inspired by Red Grooms

The objective of this lesson is for students to gain an understanding of
what a portrait is by creating their own original portrait of a famous
person, and through an in-depth critique of several portraits by Red Grooms.

Materials: Slides of works by Red Grooms, pencils, erasers, markers,
magazine pictures of famous people and 12"X18" paper - for more in depth
study try to obtain the video Sunflower in a Hothouse, the book Ruckus
Manhattan, and brochures of works by Red Grooms.


Set - Have any of you ever been to New York? Even if you haven't, you
probably have an idea of what New York looks like. Lets list some facts on
the board. What about Elvis? What does he look like?

1. Show slides and discuss background.

2. Have students bring magazine pictures of famous people from home.

3. Draw the person's portrait lightly in pencil onto the paper - You could
use a grid to enlarge - pick out icons or symbols that you think represent
this person and include these in their portrait.

4. Color the portrait with bright colors of markers or paint.

5. This lesson will take several class sessions. At the end of each lesson,
collect work and review.

6. Closure: Review terms and historical information.

If possible, plan a trip to the Art Center to view the actual work with a
greater understanding.

Evaluation of student work: Teacher observation, participation, following of
directions, neatness, completion, design are all good criteria.

Painting Places
Inspired by Red Grooms

The objective of the lesson is for students to gain an understanding of how
an artist can tell a story about a place with a picture.

Materials: Slides of works by Red Grooms, pencils, erasers, photographs of
students hometown, 12"X18" paper or larger - for more in depth study try to
obtain the video Sunflower in a Hothouse, the book Ruckus Manhattan, and
brochures of books that have other works by Red Grooms.