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Assessment in Art Education - and Art is FUNdamental


From: Judith Decker (jdecker4art_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon May 10 2004 - 10:43:18 PDT

Dear Art Educators,

Along with an easy to understand - clearly defined
Rubric - how about coming up with a statement about
assessment in art - for your classroom? Here is
one that was posted by Dennis Freeman quite some time
ago (scroll down). Sharon Kennedy made a poster from
his statement for her classroom. Maybe you can come up
with one of your own?

From Dennis Freeman in Wyoming:

Art is a discipline, and like any discipline, it has
standards of excellence and a body of knowledge. The
standards in my classes are tied to that body
of knowledge. If you meet or exceed the standards of
the class, you will never receive less than a "B".
Anyone who is willing to learn and work can
do this, not just the "talented". If you are unwilling
to work to this level, you will receive a "C" or
lower, and to do anything else would
devalue the grades of students who work, learn and
try. I believe you (anyone) can work to the level
required by the class - do you believe in
yourself, or are you looking for a "no effort" grade?

What to do with antsy students now the rest of the
year?....Make art FUN and meaningful. I have always
found learning to be fun.....and my son likes to
learn, too. (Ann H. - "like minds" I use FUNdamental

This is part of a post I made in September 2000- I
just found it today. Remember that ART is the oldest
profession (from Maggie White's quote)

Fun.-- that is short for fundamental! Art is the
foundation or base for all learning. Let's change the
way people think about curriculum design and make
art the most important--Let us put art in the center
and branch all the other subjects out from it
(tee-hee....that ought to shake a few "real
teachers")! I am with many of you....I hated history
until I started
learning about history through art. I would have hated
science if it wasn't for my projects where I got to
use art. I am one of those right brainers who
strangely was good at math....geometry was my favorite
(go figure). I guess Gardner would say I am a visual

(I found that post looking for who Dennis in Wyoming

Counting the days? Best wish to all,

Judy Decker

Judy Decker
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