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Re: secret thinking habits of artists?


From: Judith Decker (jdecker4art_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri May 07 2004 - 09:19:26 PDT

Thank you Marvin,

This was always a focus of my lessons: Where do the
ideas come from? -- With each artist - or culture- we
studied, where the creator/artist got his/her ideas
was always discussed. We studied that before our own
art making would begin. I think that is what brought
about the high quality of art I got from my students
(I have looked a lot of middle school and high school
work since and know that my student work was high

Each time I think about this topic - I look at the art
work on my walls (and 3 D displayed) and the meanings
those works of art have to me. Most of them are
tributes to myself - my family - my ancestors - my

Personally - my ideas start first with an image I have
seen. So I tended to teach my students showing images
to inspire...I believe you call that a "flood of
images" (grin)...but I found my students needed a jump
start, too. Celestial Family is my favorite work I
have done to date
- poor photo)....That all started with a star chart
that was laying on the coffee table. My son is into
astronomy. I did the work as a gift to him. It will be
his when he gets his first apartment.

I have two sculpture projects I am working on now that
include my writing - and body casting. One is "This is
My Father's World - Now fix It" That will include the
words from the song ("This is My Father's World) -
along with all of my posts (and others) on Art4Peace
list (printed onto hand made paper and collaged).It
will also have my words on teaching beliefs and values
of cultures to bring meaning to the art that they
make. Philosophy of religion has been a "passion" of
mine since summer of 1975. The second one is called
the "Primordial Couple" (since my husband has wanted a
Dogon Primordial Couple sculpture for quite some
time). That piece will have creation narratives
printed and collaged. Fish will be a part of that work
as well. It will include partial body casts of my
husband and myself - collaged with our "colors". That
project is the culmination of all the help I have
given for folks with plaster casting - Segal -Yves
Klein- Blue Man Group. My husband will be blue - and
my colors range from Magenta - purple - blue. The
background will have symbols/images to represent the
cultures of the narratives. I know I will have
Michelangelo's hands at the top....and will have Dogon
and at least one Native American narrative - I have
not selected all of the cultures yet. I tried to
include a creation narrative with each of my cultural
units. They are beautiful. I guess those two ideas
start with the word?

The majority of my work that is on my site right now
is about family:

The My Family collage grouping was actually inspired
first by sound - The sounds of the birds in the
morning as I got up each morning to work on my course
work and art projects that term at Bluffton College.
There is family symbolism in the top piece - even
though clearly inspired by a Bwa Owl Mask.

I have another project I am working on for a friend
inspired by an advertisement I found in a magazine.
That work will include Chinese fortunes along with the
advertisement of a Japanese woman - the ad was about
What is Beautiful? Image and words, both, for that
work of art.

Thanks for starting a good thinking thread. I went to
a high school exhibit at my husband's school. I was
amazed at the number of works that are about their
faith. Those students were not afraid to make their
art about their religion. I will be taking some
digital images of some of those to share (I hope).
Students need to be able to make art about something
they are passionate about. I saw "passion" in those
students' works.

Judy Decker

Judy Decker
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