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Re: Query for ideas -Vicki


From: Judith Decker (jdecker4art_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon May 03 2004 - 09:54:20 PDT

Greetings Vicki,

This is something really that only you can answer.
Your research needs to be something YOU are passionate
about...and about a need that is in your classroom. I
observed my students and my teaching for one semester
and documented - did some unscientific surveys and
such to come up with what was most needed for my
teaching and my students.

I know I made the right choice as I use it daily and
so do students around the world.

My research was on using hypermedia to motivate
student learning. Many students are visual learners
and many want to make their own choices as to what
they want to learn about the units you teach. A good
way to do that is through hypermedia -They all said
they liked using the computer as a means to
learn....Well... My school was not about to invest in
hypermedia for my students to use so I had to create
my own - my wed site. My lesson on African Art was the
hypermedia I created specifically for the research

My findings:
Student were more motivated to learn using the
Internet lesson (their opinions)...BUT they learned
more of what I wanted them to learn from the video I
showed (higher scores on video work sheets than
Internet work sheets). So of course I continued to
show the videos and review the answers since they
learned more from those -- and we did the Internet
with each lesson too as a reward for them. Videos were
done first as an introduction to the units.
Internet was during the unit for reinforcement and
further study.

Judy's Ramble:

I won't tell you all of the horror stories that
happened as a result with my admin and tech people...
I will just share these two. When I was ready to link
my site up, the tech guy said we had a district policy
there could be no outside links! and I could not do my
project (admin had already approved it -- then backed
the tech guy up. I had already written over thirty
pages for the project and worked a solid two weeks on
the site. I then again asked for the CD-Roms to do the
project and was turned down and told I would have to
do a different research project). I went over their
heads and got the super to OK it. The next year...The
tech guy wanted me to remove ALL of my African art
lesson and anything else I was not using myself at the
time -- then put it back on when I needed it again. I
told him to email all of the universities and schools
that had links to it and tell them the lesson was
going offline and that shut him up. I have other
horror stories that I can not prove.... My point in
telling you this is to be sure you have 100% support
from your admin when you do your project or you may
have "hell to pay". Without laboring anymore...My web
site is the main reason I am not teaching today. I was
told I could no longer use it at my school. The day I
left they removed all of my site from their
server...and still have the "offensive" page up that
they put in its place. I am just pleased as punch to
have it all online now through Incredible Art
Department. I am benefitting from my research every
day....and so are kids around the world. My site
helped a boy from UK recently get high marks on a
research paper on Mali.

Thanks for a good ramble today,

Judy Decker

P.S. My first choice was how teacher
motivation/enthusiasm affects student
learning/motivatin to learn - but I couldn't find
research on that one. Maybe someone has done that
topic since? I had to go with my second choice -
integrating technology.

--- wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am working on my grad classes and have reached a
> research class. I have already been looking at many
> of the articles on Artsedge, so I know there is a
> lot of research already out there, but what I'm
> after here is what do you think is important as it
> relates to teaching the arts or student learning
> through the arts.
> Any opinions will be welcome,
> Thanks,
> Vicki

Judy Decker
Incredible Art Department
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