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Date: Thu May 29 2003 - 07:25:03 PDT

we call those days when they can draw anything they want all period long
"free draw." My kids love those days, but I don't do it very often. I
love to see what they do when they are free to draw what they want, but
some kids just don't have the motivation to stay busy all period long,
especially in 5th and 6th grade. It works best with younger kids, in my
opinion. The older ones frequently see it as a period to try to goof
off. Then I have to find something for them to do, so we're back to
square one. I have free art days, rather than free draw days, I
suppose, as I have that magnet sculpture game that is so awesome that a
bunch of them love to play. Some kids draw, some play with architecture
games (stamp set and magnet architecutre from Metropolitan), some play
my "who,what, where?" game, which is a box filled with cards of three
colors. The pink ones are people,animals,or things, the green ones are
action or verbs, and the purple ones are places. So, if they draw a
card of each color, they get a wacky idea to illustrate, such as "A hula
dancer (pink) on a subway (purple) telling fortunes (green)." Other
things I have are "scrap monsters", where they use scraps off the scrap
cart, pretty much in the shapes they find them, to build monsters or
animals or people. Some kids like to build with paper, but NO WEAPONS
or airplanes. I have an origami box with instructional books in it and
paper. I have a pictionary game. I have bins with various things to
draw in them, such as seashells, and lots of little sculptures from the
dollar store. I have a calligraphy bin with pens in it. I have a bin
with modeling clay that gets recycled. And I have a huge list of
suggestions for things to draw on the inside of the cabinet door where
these bins are stored. I think I have mentioned most of these before,
but felt compelled to list them again, lol. Maybe someone new has not
seen the list. Judy, a "What can I do when I'm finished" list would be
a great idea!!!! I know we all try to keep them going as long as we can
on what the assignment is, sometimes repeat the assignment in smaller
ways while the others finish, but we all knowwhen we are beating the
dead horse, so to speak.