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Videos for Elementary


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue May 27 2003 - 19:50:19 PDT

Dear Elementary Teachers,

Some of you may be making out your orders for next year...Anne was going
through her Crystal Production Catalog and found the videos she recommended
(I had asked her if she knew the source for some of them):

 1) King Tut: Tomb Or Treasure, page 74, VC-5145 VHS 25 minutes ----I use
this video with the 5th Grade. I talk with them about what they are going to
see first. I have a handout with about 10 questions and we read through them
so they are listening for that information. We also talk about obelisks
(the shape, monuments in cemetarys, the Washington Monument) and they are
excited to recognize them in the video. The video is short, just the right
amount of information for this age group I think. This is an introduction
to a group mummy case project. I provide handouts of hieroglyphics, gods and
goddesses, symbolism and check out gobs of books from the school library.

    2) The Mike Venezia books and videos are on page 46. I only have the
Monet and Van Gogh videos, but I notice they have a new one on Rembrandt.
The videos are about 24 minutes long, informative and funny, too. Venezia
is continually adding on to the book series, too. There are 35 now. I have
used them with 3rd and 4th grades. I think it helps to display the artist's
work and discuss is briefly beforehand.

    3) Linnea in Monet's Garden, book and video, are on page 47. I use
this with 3rd grade. In my opinion only, it isn't appropriate for any
younger grades. I have Monet prints displayed. (Note from Judy: This video
comes up often on ArtsEdNet. I think others have used this for other grade
levels. I have several reviews on file if you are interested)

    4) Squiggles, Dots & Lines, page 47, 25 minutes long. This is a
video by Ed Emberly. It is fast paced and features Emberly and lots of el.
age kids. I made a handout with his "drawing alphabet" for the kids to
refer to in the last few minutes of class as they are always inspired by
this one. I have shown it to K/1 B.D. kids through 5th Grade and they
all enjoyed it. I usually test new videos out on different age groups but
this one spans several grades. It is also one I can leave with a sub,
because I rarely get a sub with background in art and they seem confortable
with this.

    5) How To Visit An Art Museum, page 47, 30 minutes long. I almost
forgot about this. It is good for 5th graders. (Probably 6th, too, but I
teach 2-5) This is also one you could leave with a sub.

    6) I personally bought a video about Chuck Close called Chuck Close:A
Portrait in Progress and the book Chuck Close Up Close, both on page 81 of
the Crystal catalog, but I haven't used them yet. Close uses rather salty
language at times and I need to try to edit it. It would be interesting for
the kids to know about his learning disability and handicap challenge from
his accident.

    7) I have recently bought the Who Is The Artist? series, p.48 in
Crystal, but I don't feel qualified to give any sort of review yet.

Note from Judy: I previewed three of these Who is this Artist series and
liked them all. It gives students a chance to compare styles of artists and
look for characteristics. Gives student a chance to interact with the video.
You can pause and talk your way through parts of it yourself if you don't
like the way she does it (or turn the sound down and talk yourself if you
want to). Another list member didn't ike them. Everyone has their own

    I found a few of these in Art Video World: Art Education Videos
    1) King Tut: Tomb of Treasure p.33
    2) Linnea in Monet's Garden p.35
    3) Venezia's Monet and van Gogh p.37
    4) Who Is The Artist? (series) p.36

Judy Decker - Ohio
Incredible Art Department