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From: MAK ~ MaryAnn Kohl (mak_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu May 22 2003 - 18:29:06 PDT

Hi, Everyone in our email sharing group:::

Just wanted to share that as of today I have new free sample art activities
from each of my books up on my webpage for you ... at (click on 'fun activities' in the menu bar). I
also wanted to share a project in this email from my newest book, Storybook
Art. It is at the printer's now...can't wait to see it. All of you who
contributed and whose ideas were used in the book will be getting your free
copies in June. I wish this project had the illustrations for you...the
artwork by kids in priceless, including pencil portrait sketches of the book
illustrators. The one of Dorothy Donohue is adorable. i hope all the
illustrators think theirs is equally adorable. A couple of them look like
Wolfe Blitzer, and that's just the females! :o)


with permission from:
   Storybook Art:
   Hands-On Art for Children in the Styles
   of 100 Great Picture Book illustrators
Picture Book: Veggie Soup
Book Author and Illustrator: Dorothy Donohue (1952)

Thick Paper Collage

³I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin. I attended Catholic schools and had
very little art instruction. One summer I remember reading Alice in
Wonderland and looking at the wonderful illustrations though I don't think I
even knew the word illustrations or illustrator. I decided I wanted to
create my own pictures for the story and took the back side of wall paper
and drew and painted on it. It was so much fun to think of how I would
picture the Mad Hatter or Alice. Looking back I think this was probably when
I began dreaming of being a picture book illustrator. But you need to know I
didn't have much talent. It was lots of years of drawing and work before my
dream ever happened.² - Dorothy Donohue

Synopsis: Miss Bun begins making her grandmother's veggie soup for a dinner
party. As her guests arrive, they each contribute food to the soup with
terrible results! Miss Bun finds a way to remake the soup strictly following
her grandmother's recipe with a happy delicious outcome.

Imitate Dorothy Donohueıs collage illustrations using a variety of textures
and papers.

 decorative edge scissors (Fiscars  pinking shears with fancy edgings)
textured papers,
thick and decorative
drawing paper glue
pencil straight edge scissors
tracing paper construction paper (12x18²)

1. To make a fancy frame for the collage, cut the edges of the large sheet
of construction paper with the decorative edge scissors. Glue another sheet
of paper in the center of the frame where the collage work will be done.
2. Think of a picture or design to construct with the papers. Some ideas
               familiar landscape bowl of fruit favorite
               geometric shapes abstract design sky (clouds,
sun, birds)
3. Draw a design or object on tracing paper. Notice sections of the object
that can be cut, each from a different paper, to make a collage picture. For
example, a bunnyıs ears might have a long white section and another section
cut from pink. Or a worm might be constructed with a green section for the
body and some wiggly strips added for stripes. Decide which decorative
papers would be best for each section of the collage.
4. Trace the sections on the choices of decorative papers for each part of
the object. Then glue them in place on the paper. For example, if making
bunny ears, glue the white ears in place first and then glue the pink inner
section. (Think through each item and its placement before gluing it on the

Explore using fabric scraps, felt scraps, or foam paper scraps instead of


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