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Re: MS budget $100 for year


From: Rebekah Short (ShortR_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri May 16 2003 - 11:58:19 PDT

We all grieve for you...
One of the best fundraisers I did was an auction. A local auctioneer
was willing to help us and we scheduled it for just prior to the music
program so we would be sure to get a good crowd. The work was on
display for a week beforehand, and while the auction was in progress I
had students taking it around the aisles. One class had done large
scale collaborative drawings of tools, (4 ft long on roll paper) and one
of these was purchased by a local hardware store that framed it and hung
it in the store. I made sure that the individual works were nicely
matted: a local framer donated scrap mat board to us. Everyone who
donated goods or services was recognized so it really became a community

We also had stalls where the kids sold things we had made, card sets,
hand stamped gift wrap, bud vases, etc. These were all things that were
done cooperatively so that all the kids had a part in many things that
were being sold.

It was a lot of work, but there was also a lot of learning involved,
and I think the key to our profit was involvement, timing and location.
All in all it was great PR for our program.

Other than selling things, I had one year where I was on the move, 3
buildings per day, and one of those I shared a room with 5 other
teachers. There we did a lot of basic drawing and paper work, hands,
shoes, figures, heads, furniture, and even our lunch for subject matter!
  The grocery store donated brown sacks for us to cut open and paint on.
 We pretty much made something out of nothing all year.
Good luck,

>>> 05/16/03 10:04AM >>>

I was recently told that my budget for supplies will probably be about
for next year. This is for 6, 7th and 8th grade. About 120 students a
every day all year. I am not allowed to charge a fee for my classes.
I started here this year I had crayons, some markers and construction
  So I don't have any supplies to fall back on.

I was thinking about a Square One fundraiser, but I teach a very poor
population. I am afraid that the parents would't order anything.

So, any and all ideas for cost effective lesson plans and/or
would be welcome.

Thank you!

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