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Re: making own videos


From: Patricia Knott (pknott_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun May 11 2003 - 09:41:35 PDT

Harold says

> My superintendent sent over a new G3 with a 23 inch flat display. It is a
> little embarrassing to have this several thousand dollar set up but it is
> great for teaching. I can now introduce iMovie with ease and students really
> watch the screen when I show examples of student work and do a demo.

You mean a G4 no?

I can't say enough for i-Movie. It is so easy any "dummy" can do it and the
results can be almost instantly gratifying. I have yet to have a kid that
can't get through the tutorial in 30 minutes and then produce something that
looks pretty darn professional in a little more time.

I'm lucky. I have a lab with 2 G3's , 4 G4's and 3 eMacs all with iMovie
and Final Cut Pro and now I'm using Final Cut Express.

I wish all of us were lucky enough to have the capability to present visual
ideas in this manner. I find the possibilities for "observation' go so
beyond the traditional drawing that we art teachers hold so precious. I have
a bunch of kids that that are oh so eager to use the equipment to make
personal expression- kids that don't have a care about drawing, but they
make excellent observations through the camera.

I think, we as art educators, need to bend a bit . We need to bend to
include all the avenues of expression may be not so traditionally thought

This is from
> Proposals Relating to the
> Education of Youth in Pensilvania
> Philadelphia, 1749
> And if Men may, and frequently do, catch such a Taste for cultivating Flowers,
> Planting, Grafting, Inoculating, and the like, as to despise all other
> Amusements for their Sake, why may not we expect they should acquire a Relish
> for that more useful Culture of young Minds. Thompson says,
> 'Tis Joy to see the human Blossoms blow,
> When infant Reason grows apace, and calls
> For the kind Hand of an assiduous Care;
> Delightful Task! to rear the tender Thought,
> To teach the young Idea how to shoot,
> To pour the fresh Instruction o'er the Mind,
> To breathe th' enliv'ning Spirit, and to fix
> The generous Purpose in the glowing Breast.

I'm always thinking about where art is going rather than where it's been.
If, we are in fact advocates for visual literacy, then we must think about
advocating for where it is going instead of where it has been.

We need to use the present technology to reinforce all we know about visual
communication. We need to use the history to reinforce how the technology
influences the art and how the artist uses the technology to make new
statements and challenges. If we don't do this, I'm afraid we will all be
caught in the budget cut dilemma..

Just some thoughts as I sit here making my technology plan for the next 5
years and thinking it has to be more than paint and brush or else I ain't
going to get nothing.