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Re: How do you reduce stress?


Date: Sat May 10 2003 - 20:58:44 PDT

Oh, Bunki...this will cheer you up. I teach a group of 2nd graders who
drive me batty. NOISY, competitive, all stars, clowns, you name it,
every boy is in the group of competitors. They are on 24/7. AND none
of them are on medication and about 5 of them need to be BIG TIME.
PHYSICALLY impossible to be still, quiet, etc. for a handful of them.
OK...get the picture? Girls, by the way, are all fine except one noisy
one who thinks she is the cutest thing since Shirley Temple. Here's the
I have introduced Bad Hair Day...We're all doing it, right? Fun,
mindless for the teacher, kids love it, etc. The kids laughed a lot at
the name of the project, number one. Then as I demonstrated, they were
practically rolling off their chairs laughing. Granted, some of them
are rather dramatic. Always. Anyway, one of the boys asked me if he
could have my demonstration. I said No, go make your own!!! Five
minutes later, as I circle by his table...there he is, adding BREASTS to
my demonstration. He hasn't even started on one of his own. This kid
is 7 or 8, going on 15. My jaw dropped! I asked him what he was
doing. "Drawing!" Who's picture is that??? "Yours!!!" laughing.
Kids are dropping their jaws about now too. I said "Do you see anything
wrong with that?" "No, why???" At this point I decided to just let him
go sit in Weezie's room for the rest of the period. He was crying by
the end of the period. That is the first time I have seen one of these
water off a ducks back boys cry all year!!! This is the toughest group
of 2nd graders I've had in 24 years of teaching. EVERYONE in our school
says the same thing about them. I'm going to have them next year too!
Won't that be fun? One year we had a group that was similar to this
one, they became nicknamed "The Plant Class" because the Kindy teachers
felt so bad to be passing them on to the 1st grade teachers that they
gave them plants as condolences. Those plants were passed along for
years, lol. I bought my own plant...aloe vera...for it's healing
properties. For catharsis, before they would come in, I would break off
a stalk of aloe vera and rub a little on their bins, and on the seats of
some of the worst offenders. Occasionally I would rub it on the back of
someone's neck if they were particularly troublesome to me. "What's
THAT?" they would ask. "Why that's aoloe's known for it's
healing properties!" I would explain to them. They never asked why I
would do that to them after that. Strange,eh? It made me feel better,
though. I'm probably buying another aloe vera plant next year. THEY
make me nutty. Oh well, only 6 more days!!!!!