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Re: Surrealism and Cubism for Fifth Graders


Date: Sat May 10 2003 - 07:44:01 PDT

This reminds me of a unit I used to teach in 1st grade revolving around
a huge oak in our courtyard (right outside of my window.) I would ask
my children to form a circle around the tree, all holding hands. Then,
they dropped hands and kept taking steps backwards until we were all
standing under the outer canopy of the tree. This really hammered home
how big a treetop is, as they had to take MANY steps back from the
original circle. THey learned that the roots stretched out that far
underground. We looked at how the trunk and branches got smaller as
they moved out from the center core. We talked about the basic
structure of a tree. Then we came back to center and touched and talked
about the patterns in the bark. Following this, they sat down and drew
their trees as realistic as possible, but they were allowed to add birds
and animals, treehouses and swings, etc. I'm definitely doing trees
again next year, but I'm basing them on Klimt's tree. I LOVE that
image. I have someone's recent Klimt tree lesson plans and can't wait
to use them. Next year I am trying out a zillion different ideas from
this list. Can't wait, but I am mighty glad it's summer. I can't even
count how many downloads I have made straight into powerpoints as a
result of all of this intense work we've been doing in here this year.
My head is in a blur as to even what all I have! I've numbered my
powerpoint CD's and am making a word perfect list of what's on each CD
for quick (? there are so many, I can't call it really quick) reference
when I want to find something or just remember what all I have.
Incredible ideas from this year, THANK YOU EVERYONE!! I think I'll make
it a complete revamping of my current curriculum. I'll have two
alternating year plans to keep everything fresh. You know, after
teaching as long as I have, I KNOW what works....I know what doesn't. I
know I have many winners in the works's gonna be a great year
next year. The biggest problem will be on deciding which units to do,
as I can't do even a fraction of all that I have saved...just not enough