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Reading list


From: Ann Heineman (aiheineman_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 20:38:25 PDT

Hello Folks,

    Someone was asking for the list of summer reading from last year. In
cleaning up my e-mail files at school, I came across this list that Carolyn
Roberts compiled from list members. A few more follow. I hope we can start a
new list for this summer. What are/will you folks be reading for your
personal pleasure and enrichment of the mind and soul?

        Ann-on-y-mouse in Columbus

From: "croberts" <>

I had started copying all of our ideas into one here is what we
have suggested so far. If I missed any, I'm sorry.
Carolyn Roberts

Teri Mason:
Sandra Brown mysteries. Just finished "The Switch" which was awesome.
I read an old favorite over the weekend. "A Little Princess"
by Frances Hodgson Burnett (also wrote Secret Garden). It was my all-time
favorite as a girl and our HS did the one-act play.

Susan on Long Island:
The Red Tent. I highly recommend it. Interesting, the way
it was written- a biblical fiction written by a woman in biblical history
written in the first person.

Marian Colman:
Oprah raved about "House of Sand and Fog" by Andre Dubus. He does not
disappoint. It is very suspenseful and draws you in right away. It is an
interesting story that pulls the reader in different directions.

Ann Wilschke
I am reading The Museum Guard by Howard Norman......very good rather
simple story, but I keep thinking about it.....about a young man and>his
uncle who are museum guards and the effect of the paintings and
life. Lots of interesting reviews of it on Amazon.

Jane Altshuler
I just finished reading the museum guard and I really liked it - it was so
different from anything I've ever read before.

Larry wrote:
I'm reading "At Eternity's Gate" and"Van Gogh and God".....
pretty awesome books, tying in the best reports available on
nailing down his illness, from letters and doctors reports.

Curt James:
I'm currently reading "Picasso: Creator and Destroyer"
courtesy of the local public library and picked up "Essential Picasso"
at the local mall bookstore - hardback, 250-plus pages with lots of color
reproductions of Picasso's work for a nickel under ten bucks!

Ann-on-y-mouse in Columbus:
I am reading a book about music, "The Inextinguishable Symphony" by Martin

Barb Cicchelli :
I'm reading Pillars in the Sky-a great novel about the creation of

Carolyn Roberts:
I've just finished a good book... "Young Wives" by Olivia Goldsmith...very
entertaining..and ALL of the books by Sue Grafton.

The Red Tent sounds interesting. Recently finished The Alchemist...really
wonderful. And a long time favorite is The Mysts of Avalon. The telling of
the King Arthur legend from a woman priestess point of view.

Lisa Davis:
Bradley has 2 new books out that are prequels to Mysts of Avalon, haven't
read them, but heard they are good.

Donald Peters:
Preistess of Avalon and Lady of Avalon. Neither one is "new" but both are
good. Also, there is a movie based on The Mists of Avalon in production

MaryAnn F. Kohl:
Ahab's Wife. I love it!

Judy Grochowski:
A Map of the World - terrific book-and an interesting read for anyone
working in a school setting!

i just finished reading Timeline by Michael Crichton...makes those middle
ages come alive. Also, if you have not read Agathie Christie's
you must simply
get it and read it. I read it several summers ago, and felt myself
transported back into an era filled with charm and travel and all the
experiences that go with it. She wrote it when she was about 85-90 years
old, and it is worth every minute you spend in it.

I just finished reading "With Love and Prayers: A Headmaster Speaks to the
 Next Generation" by Jarvis and Gomes. This is the most inspiring book I
 have ever read. I wish I had read it when I was about a senior in high
 school but it was fun to read it as an adult and see how much of his advice
 I had followed. It's truly a beautiful book.

Judy Nagel:
I've just read "The Lighthouse Keeper" by James Michael Pratt. It shows how
the human spirit is like a lighthouse, capable of shining through the most
devastating storms. I'm starting "Protect and Defend" next by Richard North

I've started reading the Ann Rule series of true murder/crime stories. Just
finished "Never Let Her Go" which was just done on one of the TV networks
but I didn't watch it. the second of her books that I've read and as a
former police reporter, then police photographer before becoming an art
teacher, I'm drawn (no pun intended) to this genre.

Patricia Nelson:
The Bear and the Dragon--Tom Clancy

Donald Peters:
I just finished "Dreamcatcher" by Stephen King and will start the new Star
Wars novel "The New Jedi Order - Edge of Victory: Conquest" tommorrow. (this
is #7 in The New Jedi Order series, a GREAT new storyline for SW fans)
Also reading/working through "Teach Yourself Paint Shop Pro in 24 Hours" and
trying to sludge my way through the Adobe GoLive manual.

Ellen Sears:
Recently for school I read "Time to Learn" by Chip Wood - he will be coming
to our school next week.... and "Courage to Teach" by Parker.
For "What if everybody in Kentucky read the same book...." sponsored by
state librarians - I read "The Bean Tree" by Kingslover...
For me, I read "O is for...." and "Gap Creek"
I want to read "Mauve" - I just saw it in the bookstore. It is about the
scientist that discovered mauve while trying to make quinine, how it became
the Victorian 'it' color, and its impact on the industrial revolution.

Pascale:>Martin Suter : "Small World" ( = social novel + detective novel +
case (Alzheimer) about memory and le sens de la vie !
Blues Truth:
A Day Late & A Dollar Short by Terry Mc Millian. What a writer!
More good reads-Vinegar Hill & Backwoods (Both from Oprahs Book Club)
AND Bridget Jones Diary--Oh, how I loved that book!!!!!!!!!! ---

"Moment of Truth" by Lisa Scottoline is
in the tape player in my car - I "read" a book tape a week driving to & from
work. My "inside" book is "Sotheby's: Bidding for Class" by Robert Lacey.

I've gotten into Nora Roberts books. Well written books, easy reading.
I'm reading a book by Anne McCaffrey right now, Acorna, It's a science
fiction. I just bought The Brethern by Grisham. I've been wanting to read
that one.

Diane Beilby:
I just finished "The Giver" by Lois Lowry, which I could not put down until
finished - about a futuristic society where no choices are left
I picked it up at the school book fair but it has been banned for use as a
required book. Some parents evidently didn't want there kids to think about
making their own choices!

Larry Seiler:
What I am currently reading-
"Van Gogh and God: A Creative Spiritual Quest"
by Cliff Edwards, Henri J. M. Nouwen and
 "At Eternity's Gate- The Spiritual Vision of Vincent van Gogh"
by Kathleen Powers Erickson
 Very interesting books, pulling much understanding together over Van Gogh's
paintings, his illness, the times he lived in, and quells the speculation.

Charlotte Griswold:
I do recommend the novels of T. Jefferson Parker. They take place in
Orange Co. CA, and I know there are at
least two folks on this list in that area.
Another book I just finished is SPEAK, about a freshman in high school. I
will have to track down the was just in the last scholastic book was outstanding.

Mark Alexander:
This has been the most complicated year of my life, so I haven't been
stretching my brain much with my pleasure reading. Lately, I've been
escaping into the Kinsey Millhone private eye series by Sue Grafton.
Somehow over the years I've gotten all the way from "A IS FOR ALIBI" to
"O IS FOR OUTLAW" but missed "M IS FOR MURDER", so this week I'm
reading "M IS FOR MURDER".

"THE RED TENT" sounds good, as does the "MISTS OF AVALON," so maybe
next week during vacation I should dive into one of these.