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RE: Didaction


Date: Thu May 16 2002 - 10:15:04 PDT

Arrow flying through space...


"Oooh that smarts. Durn! Another papercut."
(or was that just a little mud being slung?)

Well, Dear Miss Manner.
I guess you told us lost souls, huh? Thanks for sharing and the implicit invitation to respond.

Gee folks we have an interesting suggestion on the table. Let me first recommend anyone interested that they may want to change their subscription account from their k12 a to Netscape. Netscape has the "Select all to delete" option which you might find convenient. You could reduce your delete effort considerably.

Seems like EVERYONE is pretty good at labeling their subjects. We could at the same time elininate a lot of dross. Let's see get rid of Theory, I heard some one use the term "cookie cutter" the other day. We could snip those out too. Then there are those gossipy off-topic conversations--warm and fuzzy but not art ed--not "professional". I know that irks some out there. Newbies can be such a pain don't we think? It's so "been there done that" Snip. Then there are all those single-line hand holding posts: (I've heard those complaints too) "ME too" "Good one Buffy!" "Thanks Norman!" (What a waste of bandwidth!) And then there are the antique and tedious "self-expressionsits" and Creativists" of another era. Oh Dear oh dear. And on and on and on.

I'm sure few of us read all of the posts that come across on the list. We all practice a little judicial pruning of our mail without feeling the need to dish or dis anyone. After all no one's keeping score and what would be the point of it? I kind of like things the way they are.

Jane wrote: "All these "isms" are art educators co-opting terms and theories from the philosophies of other areas."

Which has been one of my concerns as a theorist. I guess that makes Jane a theorist too and contributing on a theory thead: "Didaction" Welcome Jane. Feel free to contribute to the discourse. Every voice adds something.

But then Jane also COINED the term "ism-heads" Can I expect this from my 1'st semester Kinders soon along with "poopy-head" and "Doodoo-head"? ;-) Oh My! Languages are living things---even so-called "dead" ones like Greek. All words and phrases were coined at some point in linguistic history otherwise we'd still be stuck with clever commentary like Urk? and Unnnnnh! and Mmmmph. It's a long-standing tradition in scientific and academic circles to elaborate new names and terms out of old Greek roots. Thanks for the etymology and welcome to the practice of word and term coinage, Jane.

Well, it's the end of the year as we known it and some of us are no doubt a little crispy around the edges. It's to be expected and certainly no big deal. Kind of a fun diversion actually. I just DON'T get that one slam about theorists labeling students. I've been labled an "ISM-Head" and thats ok by me. But I don't recall applying a label to any of my students or classes of students on list. (Other than "Kinders", hope thats still ok and PC) That puzzles me.

I was warned before coming on list that the stuff I'm interested would get flamed eventually. It wasn't so bad. Didn't think it would be. Art Teachers Rule!

Cheers to all!
Keep writing.


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