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Re: How many more days/weeks?


Date: Sat May 11 2002 - 04:55:32 PDT

In a message dated 05/10/2002 11:05:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> I know this will sound weird but we seem to look like people who don't like
> our profession. This reoccurring theme of I can't wait until it's over and
> I have only "X" days until the pain is gone is disturbing. I thought this
> list was full of dedicated teachers who liked teaching art and started the
> year with neat ideas and cool solutions to last years problems. If we
> dwell on the complexity of our job, and I'm no different then all of you,
> and the hardships we go through, how are we going to dismiss the kid who
> comes up to you at the end of the year and says, " Yours was the best class
> I ever had and I learned so much, you are my favorite teacher and I will
> never forget you." This is why we teach go through pain, and go through
> hardship because we make a difference and we make it when we don't even
> know it.
Oh, I LOVE my profession! And, I can't complain about my working conditions
(although I would love a full-time aide, an hour with each class, rather than
40 min., and air-conditioning..LOL...). However, I also LOVE my summer of
free time and can hardly wait to be able to enjoy it. I would rather think
of it more as "I can hardly wait for summer vacation to begin", rather than,
"I can hardly wait for the school year to be over".

I, for one, usually never look for the "easy way out". If there's two ways
to do something, easy or difficult, I'll find the difficult way. Like most
of us on this list, I am interested in giving the kids the best possible art
experience. What I mean is, the art I try to evoke from the kids is higher
level for little ones, and therefore, a lot of work for us both. That,
coupled with the perfectionism of wanting everything to be mounted/matted and
displayed beautifully, means I never whind down. It is an exhausting
process, and I'm not sorry I do things this way, just for the reasons you
mention, Ken.

However, I savor summertime for myself, as I spend it to both relax and to
develop personally and professionally. To be well-rounded, well-rested, and
rejuvenated after the summer means the kids will get more in the fall, so
don't let this thread "disturb" you!
Susan on Long Island