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RE: Re: "Visual Culture Art ED" was: Are there any new ideas out there?


Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 18:37:14 PDT

Granted that the US is sorely behind Teresa.

Can't say I'm really pleased to be colonized by French Academicism.

Semiotics is wonderful bubblegum and over-valued. Currently tho, Seioticism is being wielded as a hegemonic club. Hegemony of the "good guys" of course. Semiotic interpretation offers new points of view but is no assurance of achieving a more accurate picture of what's going on.

But you put your finger on an important point. Shouldn't this new paradigm be called Cultural Semiotic Art Education? Image is being made a focal point but then, magically almost, image becomes text. This semiotiv point of view I don't need to remind anyone comes from rich white guys in universities seeking politicval influence--nothing new there. profound multiculturalism too a bunch of mostly anglo grad students in a benevolent but patriachal relationship to other cultures. I remain un-impressed with the zero-sum format.

This flavor of semiotics is the same one lawyers and critics play. If you have a quick mind you can make anything signify anything else and score points in your argument. Its essentially destructive or at best merely deconstructive. Artists play with semiotics too. The semiotics of art have traditionally been creative and constructive -- well, at least in most cases. (thinking about Goya and Daumier and Grotz)

In any case this current crop of postmodernist thinkers are all too unwilling to cut their modernist roots. They are also unwilling to use their scalpels on their own pet Theory.

I prefer Peirce to Saussure BTW and then Peirce leads to Buber and we're out of semiotics. Oh durn.

Good to talk to you again Teresa... that ESA TIPTON threw me


>It's quite interesting to me that the discussion on
>VCAE seems to think this is a new phenomenon. Outside
>of America, Visual Culture studies are accepted
>degrees in universities and semiotics is an accepted
>part of art education. As far as I am concerned,
>America is just behind the eight-ball on the topic.
>Get up to speed, Henry, et. al. It was Anderson who
>pointed out in the 1980's that American art education
>was not up to speed in terms of multicultural and
>multinational curriculum. In terms of decoding visual
>imagery outside of western aesthetics, America is
>sorely behind.

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