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Re: Bunki's new site...just to clear things up...long


From: Bunki Kramer (bkramer_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 18:57:07 PDT

from: Bunki Kramer (
Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Road
Danville, CA 94526
art webpage -

Bunki's web site is great and she has all her work back. This is wonderful
to see again. Good Job Bunki!
Ken Schwab ---

You probably won't see it much longer either.

As most of you know, I've been off the list for awhile trying to get my life
back in order and have been rather slow at this goal lately. The day I got
back from NAEA, I had to move back into my new classroom...AND...I moved
into a new condo the same weekend. I'm still existing out of boxes
EVERYWHERE in my life. Ask me where something is and I just throw my hands
up in the air. Your guess is as good as mine. I try to keep laughing about
this whole thing because the alternative is not where I want to go.

To add to all this hoopla, most of you know my district has screwed up my
artpage site royally! Not my fault but the district "techies" handiwork. The
district person "in charge of webpages" decided...without my knowledge or redo all my pages in monochromatic blue with blue lettering
because she..."thought it looked better" and put in a menu that takes up 1/3
of the screen because "people navigating would be able to find something
quicker". Never mind that it's supposed to be an "art site" where the ART is
supposed to be the most important thing here. If you have a small screen
then all the names are jumbled now. Pictures are now out of alignment and
when the tech person copied my written work, misspelled some words.

All of my colored pages were carefully selected by me to bring out the best
of each individual piece of artwork. The "techie" said she had gone to many
workshops and was always told that that's not the right way to do things.
You shouldn't use colored pages. I guess the word is to keep everything
dull, dull, and more dull. Forget creativity and spice. She'd probably have
heart failure if she saw some of YOUR websites out there!!!!! She
showed me some other school websites in our district she had done and,
Lordy, they ALL look alike!!!

I was also told I STILL could not operate my own pages with the magic number
because the district techies don't want other untrained fingers in the
pie....they keep forgetting that it wasn't "I" who screwed things up in the
first place....gurrrr!

You can tell I am frustrated and angry over this turn of events and find
little enthusiasm to add to my pages or even fix them at this point with the
missing pieces "they" lost. Actually...I don't even feel that these are my
pages anymore (after spending nearly 2 1/2 yrs. putting it all together in
the first place). All my work and organization was tossed out the window.

I've been told I have no choice in the matter as this lady is very
hard-nosed and uncompromising. Some of you might like these new pages
better. We all have our own likes and dislikes. I find them boring and
conventional. At this point I really don't care to add anything more to
them. There are a few new things most of you haven't seen but she put
everything in alphabetical order so you don't have a clue what's new. Some
of the pictures...old and new...were lost altogether and they will have to
be rescanned from 35mm pics which have been filed away and not at hand. I'm
really sorry about that because I know some of you refer to some of these

My suggestion would be that if you like something particular on our website
that you make a copy of it. Like I said, I have no desire to continue the
site any longer and may ask to just have it removed and forget about the
whole stressful mess.

I put some new things up...some they lost...but I can remember that the "Jim
Dine" hearts are new and so are the "coiled baskets" and "Sacred Circles"
from Sharon's lesson. I also had Ken's "non-objective drawings" but they
were lost in the shuffle. Sorry you won't be able to enjoy these. They were
REALLY good!!

I wish ALL of you much better luck with your websites than I have had. I
have had to fight tooth and nail to get up what we had for a couple of
years. It's all SUPPOSED to be for the children anyway, right?!

And damn if I don't get mad whenever I think about it! And life goes