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Lesson Plans

A Copy of My Sketchbook Lesson...

From: Larry Seiler (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 16:58:15 PDT

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    Thanks so much everyone for the kind comments on the sketching lesson at
    Wetcanvas. If and when you have may want to check out the other
    lessons I have there as well on acylic painting, oil painting, etc; Simply
    go to the wetcanvas home page, and place my last name in the search page for
    the list. I have a new one coming up (could be there now) on understanding
    composition and design and how as artists to use and manipulate it.

    Now as far as getting copies for you guys....EEeeeiiiooo....wish there was
    something I could do. I put together the text and the jpegs together as the
    artist/writer and sent them to Wetcanvas, but the Editor at large for
    Wetcanvas plugs them together into a format conducive for Wetcanvas. I
    spent a great deal of time for the initial stages of it, but work
    cooperatively so that it turns out as you see it. As I understand,
    Wetcanvas may have some statement that claims all materials as their rights.
    Wish I could help.

    I am hoping one compile all these lessons and much more into a book
    to publish.

    I have a laminated portrait drawing lesson I've been working on for art
    teachers comprised of about 8 pages that would make a great unit to hand out
    to the students. That's a bit under wraps at the moment, and I'm not sure
    of even sharing that with Wetcanvas at the moment. I did some extensive
    studies of Leonardo's workbooks, and his cadaver studies, and it is a unique
    lesson in that its approach begins with the eyes working out rather than the
    shape of the head working in. Can't really say more at this point as I hope
    to eventually see Nasco, Sax Arts and Crafts, offer it in their catalogs.
    Thanks again all...and sorry about the hassle of copying and pasting.

    Larry Seiler
    Landscape Paintings-
    Professional Plein Air Painters-
    WetCanvas Artists pages- (shorter and quicker loading)
    artist's personal site-


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