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From: Betty Bowen (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 09:34:54 PDT

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    >>I'm with you Reatha, I'm not sure it is worth it.


    -if you think a principal is bad, wait til you get a regular boss. He
    doesn't have a school board. Your ability to sue for harassment is your only
    (thin) protection. Remember that many of the crazy parents you deal with are
    somebody's boss.

    -if you think teaching in public school is dangerous, at least they lock the
    doors sometimes and sort of pay attention to strangers in the hall. They can
    at least ask strangers to leave. Not so when you are dealing with the
    public, especially government work. Anybody can come in, even when the
    police are carrying bodies out of the apartments across the street. (tho we
    did recently have "lock down" when a convenience store owner across the
    other street was murdered during lunch - but "lock down" only meant we
    couldn't leave - the public could still come in) Teachers being shot makes
    national news. That might mean it is still somewhat rare, compared to other
    workplace violence. (My last day working the front desk I was looking for a
    pen and found a large color photo with the note "if this man enters the
    building call Capitol Patrol - disgruntled former employee" - of course no
    one had ever shown me this -even in an agency still grieving from immediate
    relatives killed in the Murrah bombing)

    -be thankful you have a pension and some health benefits. Lots and lots of
    other workers don't - especially those with similar educations working for
    even lower pay for non-profits. (those of us who have had difficulty
    finding teaching positions or even a decent job with benefits get a little
    crazy when those with don't appreciate what they have)

    -"the public" likes nothing better than to phone in complaints about anybody
    driving a government vehicle. Did you cut them off? did you stop at
    McDonalds for coffee? Did you put your purse (personal item) in the trunk?
    Better yet, they'll call the local radio station and if you're really lucky
    you'll make the paper.

    Count your blessings, get some rest, enjoy your summer, refuel.



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