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RE: sketchbook motivation

From: Nagel, Judy (JNagel)
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 08:12:48 PDT

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    FYI Those sketchbooks are listed on p.158 product #411 4559 $6.20-$7.75
    depending on the quantity. There is also a smaller version. Judy


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    Larry, thanks for sharing your information on how our use sketchbooks! What
    an invaluable resource. I have been requiring my high school students to
    sketchbooks for the last few years. They purchase them through the school
    bookstore and I think they come from SAX, the black hardcover 8 1/2 by 11
    size holds up better than the spiral bound ones. Pricey but my intentions
    are for this sketchbook to take the students through at least a couple of
    years of art.

    I give specific assignments on elements and principles, still life,
    portraiture, etc. because 99% of the time I let them "draw what they want"
    I get back very little. Usually looks like they scribbled it out as they
    were entering the classroom.

    I usually give out an assignment in class pertaining to what we are
    studying. If time permits we start it in class, then the completed
    assignment is due the following Monday. Books are due on my desk Monday. I
    usually don't get around to grading them for a few days, I remind the
    students as long as they see the
    books stacked on my desk, there is still time to get the assignments in.
    However, once they are graded, I don't take any latecomers--usually!!!! An
    exceptionally high quality sketchbook assignment gets 100, less than
    exceptional--90, OK, but nothing to get excited about--80, not much of
    anything--70, then 0 for nothing turned in.

    Sketchbook grades comprise 10% of their total grade.

    I have found that one thing that makes them take more ownership in their
    sketchbooks, it to let them paint the covers. They take great pride in
    this, and actually, their books are more easily identififed. I also have
    them either decorate the edges of the pages, AND write their names on the
    edges of the pages--all three sides--using a Sharpie.

    I hope to tighten this up a bit more next year, to make them take it more
    seriously--actually the serious students do a great job.

    We could do a whole class on just sketchbook/journal keeping!!!!!


    >Sketching for me as an artist/art teacher is a life blood. For me, the
    >highest motivation for passing that value onto the kids...was for them to
    >see me putting it into practice as though it were as I said, "important"



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