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Re: Memorial Day/flag rituals

From: Sharon Henneborn (heneborn)
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 20:44:31 PDT

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    There are some basic qualities that we have learned that are important
    in the development of responsible adults.

    Sandra mentioned that "There are a lot of kids out there without rules
    or boundaries and without LOVE." "consequences, and learn to help
    fellow man." I would like to add consistent behavior from the role
    models to the list of love, rules, boundaries, and compassion for
    fellow man (and add Mother Earth).

    I would like to take exception to the notion that standing reverently
    pledging, singing anthems, and saluting has anything to do with
    creating responsible citizens. Political leaders have used just such
    practices to brain wash citizens into bigoted loyalty to a cause and
    separate the followers from the dissidents. If the cause is good no
    harm ... except the creation of citizens who will follow with out
    questioning the next leaders.

    I am not comfortable saying pledges or written prayers and can't fault
    anyone who doesn't relate to these rituals. These rituals are fine
    for good people who have studied the words and repeating the ritual
    connects them with the cause but this did not create the good person
    in the first place. Many very sick people are into pledging, saluting
    and, chanting (singing) to connect themselves to their cause. The
    rituals didn't cause them to be sick but it can keep them connected to
    the sickness. They are still sick with or without the rituals. Good,
    caring people are good and caring with and without the rituals.

      I have had much experience with knowing people who complied on the
    surface to all the of symbols of being a "good person" and were
    absolutely evil in their behavior to their family members. I can't
    let the participation in rituals be a measurement I use. It was a
    surprising discovery during the Korean war that many young US
    soldier/prisoners were easily persuaded the change loyalties. This had
    not happened in significant numbers in WWII The difference discovered
    was the lack of depth of information and study and too much reliance
    on meaningless rituals which crumbled when put to the tests.

    I just needed to spin my thoughts on this subject.

    >hats over their hearts during the singing of the National
    > Anthem,
    > I believe there are small towns or communities where this is still relevant
    and will continue. evil/darkness


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