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Re: Re: kids who talk about sueing

From: Lori Graham (graham24)
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 15:39:32 PDT

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    The kids learn this from their parents. A friend of mine was personally
    sued because her son had an accident on his bicycle, skidded, and hit a
    kid. The other kid's parent was an attorney. So the attorney-father
    sued her home insurance, the school, the bicycle manufacturer, et al.
    They all settled, and the attorney walked away with a few thousand even
    though his son wasn't injured in the least. Only a scratch, yet this
    case was settled by all the defendants.

    Here's an even more strange ending to the story. The attorney's wife is
    an ESL administrator. We were having breakfast one morning before a
    conference, walked into the restaurant and there was her
    attorney-husband. The same attorney who sued the school, my other
    friend, et al. Since the ESL friend does not use his last name I had
    not clue until this moment.

    He was almost finished with his breakfast, yet he invited us to sit with
    him. In the introduction, I put two and two together and remembered
    this was the bicycle-law-suit-attorney. I watched and listened to him
    very carefully. Kinda like watching a snake. He stayed and talked to
    us for about 20 minutes, then leaves, paying only his part of the
    breakfast, AND......leaves the waitress a 25 cent tip! Greedy and
    What a guy!

    Now you tell me where these kids pick this stuff up?

    Enjoy the holiday and remember the real heroes.


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